Monday, February 8, 2016

Tamika at a super old Cafe and Ralph's fixer upper

This week was very busy and we were able to accomplish/be a part of a
lot of good things.
  The first thing that we were able to participate in was 3 district
meetings. We usually only go to our own district meeting, but we were
invited to go to the other ones. It was a really good way to help
unify us with the members of our zone. In the first one we went to we
had an awesome discussion on Charity and how we need to teach people
though the eyes of the Savior. It was just what elder Thomas and I
needed to hear. We are teaching a lot of people who have tones of
temporal needs, and it can be hard for them to prioritize their lives.
They seem to always put the gospel and the commitment invitations we
leave them last. The charity lesson helped me to have more patience
and see things more from their view point. The next district meeting
we talked about the importance of planning and the importance of
having unity in your companionship. The last district meeting that we
went to was all in Spanish! One of the more seasoned missionaries
translated for us, it was pretty interesting:)
        This week we were also able to have a really good lesson with a lady
name Tamika. She was a referral from this really awesome member,
sister Thornton. We taught her at this super old Cafe. She is a really
cool lady, and was super open with us. She was simply at a point in
her life where she felt like she was not very close with God. We had a
really good discussion about the nature of God, as well as the power
of prayer. We were also able to teach the Restoration to her and
committed her to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. We are going
to be setting up another lesson with her this week!
        We were able to see Ralph as well this week. We went and did service
for an hour, helping him fix up his house. He bought this plaster/clay
material that we smeared all over his wall. Then you let it dry and
paint over it. It gives the wall a pretty cool texture. It was pretty
fun, but my hoodie and jeans got covered in the plaster stuff:) We are
hoping to get Ralph baptized by the end of this month. He comes to
church every week, and the ward has been super good at fellowshipping
him. He also got his car back from the shop this last week, which
should help him get done all things he needs to do.
        I love the Savior and testify that he is real! Have a great week and
don't have too much fun skiing without me:)

Elder Griffin

Keys locked in car, Aleena's getting baptized & Lisa and Larry's Wedding

This morning has been a little crazy. We had to find a laundry mat,
because our dryer is destroying our clothes:) We finally found one,
but I accidentally looked the keys in the car. We had to wait for our
office elders to bring us the spare. Luckily it didn't take too long
and we were able to start our laundry! Due to this we are pretty
rushed on time, but I will share a couple of highlights from the week.
The fist highlight was an exchange I went on with elder Arygle. He
goes home at the end of this transfer. One of my first exchanges on my
mission was with elder Arygle, so it was really fun to be his
companion for a day. He is a really cool guy and a great missionary.
On exchange we were able to teach this 11 year old girl named Aleena.
She is an amazing little girl, and she has a really strong spirit
about her. I know for a fact that Heavenly Father has a lot of great
things in store for her. She is getting baptized on February 13th. We
were also able to have a lot of good conversations, and he was able to
give me a lot of good council.
We were also able to attend Lisa and Larry's Wedding. Our bishop
preformed it in his office. It was very short, but was a beautiful
experience. We then went to their home and had cake and this yummy ice
cream beverage. We are hoping to set baptismal dates with Lisa and
Larry pretty soon. The only hold back is that they work the night
shifts, and Lisa works on Sunday. We are going to have an open
conversation with them and try to help them see what they need to
accomplish in order to be prepared for baptism.
   Well I have to run, but I love you all and hope you have a
successful, and happy week!


Elder Griffin