Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Someone called the cops... :P

Jan 12, 2015
This week has defiantly been a better week:) We started off the week with an amazing zone council. We have the most incredible zone full of amazing people. One sister gave a training on letting go of all of the false expectations that people give you about your area. A lot of times when a new missionary comes into the new area they tell them/ focus on all of the negative in the area such as it is slow, or the members don't like missionary work. The new missionary now goes into his new area feeling sad and hopeless. Instead we should allow the new missionary to come in with a clean and new view of the area. We should focus on the positive in our area and break down all of the false barriers. It was really good and are zone really needed it. Another sister gave an amazing council on making sure that we don't focus so much on being a perfect missionary that we lose sight of what is really important. She then told us an incredible personal story. She said that she was an an area and she was having lots of success. Then she started feeling sick and didn't know what was wrong. She didn't want to reach out to anyone, because she thought she would be weak if she sought help. Finally the pain got so bad that she went in to see a doctor. The doctors took her in and they discovered that she had a tumor that had cancer. She would have to go home and get surgery. President Ames decided that he would have the whole mission fast for her. The day she was supposed to have surgery, the doctors did another scan to see the details of the tumor. A miracle then took place. The doctors found now trace of the tumor!! This tumor had been 8 centimeters long, and was now completely gone! It was the most amazing story and showed the power of fasting:) We also had a cool experience when we were coming up for the baptismal goal for February. We decided that we could get 8 baptisms, which is a huge increase from last month! We all knelled down and prayed to know if 8 was the right number. Our prayer was answered and the spirit witnessed to each one of us that 8 was the right goal for the month of February. It was so powerful, and I could feel how unified our zone was.
     This week we continued in our efforts of finding new investigators. We did get to finally teach some lessons while contacting! We also had some people that were very sincere say that we could come back and teach them. I pray that one of this individuals will have there hearts softened and will be open to receiving the restored gospel. We did have something interesting happen while trackting one night.... we got the cops called on us!! I guess two guys in all black, knocking on doors at night can look pretty suspicious, even though we wouldn't hurt a fly:) So i guess this means that we won't be able to tract at night any more, but it will push us to be more creative with are night time hours. This week we were also able to go and visit this really nice 85 year old named Diane. She has been taught in the past by missionaries, but because of her age she has a hard time remembering things.:) We first started out by reading from the Book of Mormon, but it was going over her head and she was really confused. We then decided to teach her the Restoration, because she had some questions about Joseph Smith. As we started teaching she stared talking about how crazy the world is turning, and how worried she was about her grandchildren growing up in this world and how they were going to stay strong. We went on to teach her about prophets and how the Lord has again reached out to his children and given us a prophet today. We talked about the role of the prophet and how if we heed his council that we will never go astray from the path God wants us to be on. It was really cool and I think it helped her be more at peace. She then went on to tell us that she had actually watched some of conference and how she really liked it. Even though she didn't remember or understand a lot of what we were saying, I was glad that we could answer her questions and bring the spirit into her life.
     This week we also got to attend the baptism of a lady in our ward named Peggy. Peggy has been coming to church now for 4 years, and decided last week that she finally needed to be baptized!! The room we had the baptism was packed full of people coming to show their love and support for Peggy.  It was awesome! Another cool thing about the baptism was that there were 5 non-members attending. We are hoping that their hearts were pricked and they will develop that desire to be baptized as well:) Also this Sunday we had this husband and wife of a recent convert come to church for the first time! It was really cool, and I think they might even be interested in taking the missionary lessons!
     Well I am excited to see what this next week will bring, and I can't wait to start teaching more people. I love you all and hope you are all happy and sharing your light and love with all you can!


Elder Griffin

P.S. Last week I sent a picture that I said was my zone, that was actually my district, this is a picture of my zone:) Also here is a picture of elder Brown and his fractured wrist!   

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