Friday, August 14, 2015

Prayer from a stranger

This week we have continued to work hard and talk to everyone we can.
We are still in the process of trying to find new investigators, but
August is looking like it is going to be a good month. A lot of our
solid investigators said that they would be available during August,
so it will be fun to be able to start teaching more people:) One of
them is that teenager named Victor we meet at the pond. Another one is
this really cool guy named Nathan. Both are very humble and open
minded people. There is this other guy named Dan, that lives In a
trailer park not to far away from our apartment, he has been taught in
the past, and one of the elders told us that he even had a baptismal
date at one point. Hopefully we can set a new one with him and start
bringing the spirit back into his life. I have really learned the
importance of having the spirit when you teach. Even the brightest of
minds and the most knowledgeable people can't convert someone unless
they have the spirit testifying through them to the people they are
teaching.  If the spirit is not present during a lesson, then real
conversion will never take place. The real conversation I am talking
about is people who get baptized, continue to come to church, develop
a solid testimony of this gospel and of Jesus Christ, get sealed in
the temple and then faithfully endure to the end. That is why it is so
important to be completely obedient, love as the Savior loves and have
good solid personal and companion studies every morning.
    We had an interesting experience this week while we were on our
way to dinner. We were walking down this main street by our apartment
complex, and all of the sudden this red car pulls to the side of the
road, completely blocking off the right lane. After a couple of
seconds this guy got out and came up to us. He first asked us if we
were missionaries and then asked if he could pray for us. It was a a
beautiful prayer, and he thanked God for what we are doing. After the
prayer he told us that he is completely giving his life to God. He
said he was going to sell his car, and a lot of his other earthly
possessions. He then continued to give us praise, asked us if we
needed a ride and then off he went. We were both kind of in a state of
shock:) It is always comforting to know that there are good God loving
people in this evil world. That is defiantly one of my favorite parts
about serving in Texas. There are so many kind people, who will gives
us water and greet us kindly even though they don't agree with what we
are saying. I would probably even move to this great state if it
wasn't for the heat, my love of the mountains and The BYU Cougars:)
We were able to use computers today, and so I can't write as much, but
I love you all and hope that everyone is enjoying. Back to schools

shopping and preparation! 

Love,  Elder Griffin

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