Wednesday, February 11, 2015

6 months baby!

Feb 9, 2015

I can not believe that I have already been on a mission for 6 months! I have learned and grown so much in these past few months, I know this mission was and is the best thing I could have ever possibly done:) I have learned to rely on the Lord, and put my trust in Him more then I ever have in my entire life! He really is in control, this is His work and if we put our trust in Him, He will show us how we can be instruments in His hands. What a blessing this gospel truly is, it is the only way to be happy in this life and the next!
   This week has been a good, but challenging week. It started off with transfers and lots of packing on elder Brown's part:) It was really sad to see elder Brown leave! We became really good friends and had lots of good memories together, I truly do miss him. My new companion is elder Phipps. He has been out for 15 months. He has a very interesting personality, and there is never a dull moment with him:) He is a very obedient missionary and a hard worker. He also has a very good heart and a desire to do what is right. We defiantly have things we don't agree with, but I know that if I rely on the Lord's help everything will work out. Also this week we had to give our car away to elders who needed it more then we did. It was sad to see Lily go ( this is the name we gave our car) but it will be good to be back on the bikes! Hopefully it will keep the pounds off, I think I am starting to get a little chubby:) 
    This week we were able to have an amazing lesson with Pablo. He is a very kind loving man, and always does all of the commitments we leave with him. This lesson we started out by explaining more about the background of the Book of Mormon, because he thought the Book of Mormon was another twist on the Bible. Our Bishop drew out this time line, and compared the history of the Bible and the Book of Mormon, it was perfect! I think it made Pablo feel a little more at peace, but I know that as he continues to read from the Book of Mormon and develops a testimony that all of his questions will be answered. For the other half of the lesson we taught the first part of the Plan of Salvation. It went really well, and Pablo agreed with almost everything we said. I hope and pray that his heart will continue to be softened! This next lesson with him will be kind of tricky, because he doesn't like the idea of eternal families and the 3 kingdoms, so we will really have to seek revelation as to what he needs to hear. Also this Saturday was Denisse's baptism!! It took a lot of preparation, but it was totally worth it. There were so many people at the her baptism, and you could just the love in the room. Brother Seibach and Tietjen have wonderful talks and really made them personal for Denisse. The young women also sang this beautiful version of I am a Child of God, it brought the spirit very strongly! Another cool thing was that Denisse's brother (Jason) came down from BYU I to baptize her:) The only sad thing was that it took 3 times for her to be baptized! She was started to get pretty cold in the water, but now she won't ever forget her baptism:) It was cool, because Jason said that after the Baptism he looked at Denisse and said that he said she had a special glow about her. Denisse also gave a sweet testimony, she was so happy and couldn't stop smiling! Her parents who are not members, gave the opening and closing prayer. They both gave beautiful prayers, it was very special. Denisse is a very special and pure young women, and will do many great things in her life. It was a very wonderful experience.
    I hope you all have a good Valentines Day! I know this Church is true, and I know that God loves us and is always very aware of what we need. Keep being the amazing people you all are!


Elder Griffin

P.S. Here is a picture of elder Brown and I with the Williams, as well a a picture of Denise at her baptism:)  

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  1. 6 months? Awesome! Every time I see a picture of Elder Griffin with the Elder in the top picture I think it's Ian. :)