Friday, May 15, 2015

Getting creative with the finding

This week was full of missionary adventures, and teaching opportunities.
  This week started out with an awesome zone council. Our zone leaders are super on top of things and did a great job. We talked a lot about working with ward councils, because missionary work is much more successful when members are working with us. Some of the best investigators come from the ward, whether they be close friends, or even part member families. With the companionship of the ward, missionary work flourishes! We also talked a lot about how we can help improve our ward councils.
      Also this week I was able to go on two amazing exchanges. The first one was with one of my zone leaders, elder Worthen. One of the first things we did was go and teach Shirley and George. They were the humblest, most kind people I have ever meet. Their hearts were totally ready to hear the gospel. We read 3 Nephi 11 with them. This is the chapter that tells of Jesus Christ's visit to the Americas. Also in this chapter it talks about baptism and the correct way to perform the ordinance. After reading this elder Worthen asked them if they would be baptized the way Christ wanted them to be baptized and without hesitation they both said yes:) Following that lesson we went and taught a recent convert named Frank. He is super cool, and is truly tasting of the goodness of the gospel. We talked about his next step after baptism, which is attending the temple. He also told us that he is preparing to receiving the priesthood, and has been reading/studying about the topic. He is going to be a great member of the church. I also had the opportunity to go back to Southlake to attend the baptism of Walter Gamen:) It was so fun to see my old ward again, and the baptismal program went great! I am excited for Walter and his family to get sealed together in a year, they are an amazing family. The next day we decided to try a new contacting idea. We bought our lunch at Sonic, and then ate our lunch in a grocery store parking lot. While we were eating we would contacting the people getting out of their cars and also the people returning carts. We ended up passing out around 4 or 5 Book of Mormons, it was awesome! That same day we went knocking doors and found two people who were interested in having us come back and share more of our message. It was a great exchange, and we had tones of fun.
    The second exchange was with an elder in my district named elder Fitzgerald. He goes home in less then a month. He is a super solid missionary and knows how to work hard. The first thing we did on exchange was service for a lady in a trailer park. When we got to here home she was not home, so elder Fitzgerald gave her a call and she told us we could start without her. She told us that she wanted us to plant these bean plants in some small plots of dirt she had. Well we got to work and started planting the beans. About 30 minutes in it started raining. At first it was just a sprinkle, but then it started really coming down! We were soaked in minutes and ground became super muddy, but that didn't stop us, we kept on planting those beans:) The people that drove by during our planting of the beans gave us some pretty strange looks:) When we finished planting we were covered in mud, but lucky for us there was a small stream that had formed in the middle of the road that we were able to use to wash the mud off of our pants. It was a lot of fun, and will be a memory I remember for a long time. Following the service adventure, we went and taught two families in his ward lessons on missionary work and helped them come up with a plan to do missionary work as a family. One of the families was 110% on board, and were going to give one of their friends a Book of Mormon, and then have the missionaries go visit them. Gotta love solid members!! That night we taught one of their investigators named Haley. She is 10 years old, and comes from a pretty rough family. She came to one of her friends baptisms and after decided she wanted to get baptized too! She is the sweetest girl, and has a very good heart. We taught her the Plan of Salvation. The lesson went great and she listened very intently. She is getting baptized on May 30th:) I am so grateful to be able to serve around so many amazing missionaries.
   This Sunday we also had a good experience with a family in our ward, the Goodriches. They have a son  named Taylor who is got his mission call to Ohio and leaves next month. He is pretty nervous and unsettled about his mission, so we decided to share with them a message about why we do missionary work and what motivates us to do it. The lesson went great, and the spirit was so strong. It was so fun to help Taylor get excited about serving a mission, and help him understand that it truly is the best 2 years! 
     Well I love you all and hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day:) 


Elder Griffin

P.S. Mom this is the picture of the beautiful sky I was talking about. The second picture is of a huge Texas longhorn that is in a field right next to our apartment, elder Fitzgerald named him Jesse:)

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