Friday, May 15, 2015

Kronk, Frozen and Why aren't they more interested?

This week has flown by! Lots of new faces, new responsibilities and a new area! It has been quite the adventure getting used to everything, but I have a good feeling about Woodland Springs:)

   The area is pretty small, which means we do a lot of walking. One of the great things about walking is that you get a better chance to talk to everyone. On a bike it can be kind of awkward to talk to people:) This area is going to be perfect for me, because it is in what we call "finding mode" Which means that there are not very many investigators and so a lot of contacting needs to happen. This will help me get better at talking to everyone I see, It will be hard at times, but I am excited to meet lots of amazing people. My new companion is named elder Mohrmann. He has been out 3 months. He has a great desire to be obedient and hard working missionary. He also loves to joke around and have fun. He is also good at voice impressions and can do a spot on Kronk impression from the movie "Emperors New Grove":) I also like that he is bold in his teachings and is not afraid to give a commitment. My new ward is also awesome! I have only meet a few members, but they are all extremely nice and humble people. The ward is also smaller, which will make it easier to get to know everyone:) I haven't meet the bishop yet, but from what I heard he is a pretty cool guy.
     My first dinner in Woodland Springs was awesome! We went over to a members house called the Pease. They are younger and have two cute little kids under the age of 7. The ward had just had a talent show, and the Pease had sang the Frozen song called "Love is an open door". Well they found out that I am a huge Frozen fan and so they sang the song for me right in their living room! It was so cool! They were literally spot on, it sounded exactly like the movie. I couldn't stop smiling the whole night:) Elder Morhmann also shared a really good lesson on the power of the Priesthood and showed a really powerful video called "Sanctify yourselves".    
This last week we also did a lot of street contacting. We did are best to talk to everyone we saw. One of my favorite contacts was with a really cool guy named Chris. He was out handing out flyers for a lawn care business and had stopped to take a break in the park. We went up and started talking to him. He told us all about the business and how his day had been. As he was talking about the business I was thinking to myself "this sounds pretty good, why aren't more people interested?" and then I started thinking about what we do as missionaries and I could ask my self the same question. If people would just listen to what we have to offer, they would see how incredible our message really is. They would see that we aren't trying to make a quota, or convert people to our church, but rather share with them real truth, that will bring them to a new understanding of who Christ is and what He really has done for them. We shared a Book of Mormon with Chris and he seemed pretty open to the idea of reading it. He has a really good heart, and some day when missionaries knock on his door in Fort Worth (that is where he lives) I hope that he will let them in and allow them to start preparing him to become part of the kingdom of God here on the earth. We also had a really nice lesson/visit with one of our investigators named Bob Frost. He is the nicest, most sincere man I have ever meet. He made me feel very welcome and you can't help but smile when your around him. He has been meeting with missionaries for two years now. He only has one thing holding him back from getting baptized and that is his fear of water. As a child he was harshly abused by his step-father, and one of the ways he abused him had to do with water. The stories he told us were horrible and made my heart go out to this man. He told us that he is haunted pretty regularly by his childhood memories and has struggled with it for 60 years! Since he has been taught all of the lessons, we have been reading with him from the Book of Mormon, because he has a hard time doing it one his own. While we read, he brings up questions and concerns that lead to good gospel conversation. I have a strong feeling that if he truly understands the Atonement of Jesus Christ that he will be able to over come his fear of water and will be able to lift this burden that has been with him for way to long. He really want him to understand that Jesus Christ has felt the exact pain and hurt that he has felt. I know that if he can come to this understanding that he will be baptized. We are going to focus more on the Atonement the next time we visit him.

 This week will be a wonderful week and it will be fun to see what other amazing people/ members I will meet. I love you all and hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather:)


Elder Griffin

P.S. This is a picture of two of my favorite families in Southlake. The first one is Sister Harris and her son Jason. Sister Harris reminds me so much of you mom and Jason could seriously be one of my best friends! The second family is the Sheehans. They are so cool and are always making me laugh. There son came home from his mission on medical release and we grew to love him instantly. 

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