Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Leaving Southlake and Becoming a DL

This Wednesday is transfers, and I will be leaving good old Southlake and heading up to the Alliance stake in a ward called Woodland Springs. I am becoming a district leader and will be follow up training a missionary. I am pretty nervous, but know that God will be with me every step of the way. It will also be a time of great growth and a chance to be of service to the missionaries in my district. It will be so hard to leave all of the amazing people I have meet, especially the people I got to teach, but I know that I will meet amazing people in my new area as well. 
    This week we were sadly not able to teach Pablo, due to a trip they are taking to Hawaii, but they did take us out to dinner at this amazing BBQ place! It was fun to be with them, and I have complete faith that elder Phipps and elder Thomas (the new Southlake elder) will continue to help him towards the waters of baptism. It was such a blessing to teach Pablo, and I have never felt the spirit more strong then when in his home. I will miss him, and hope that someday I can bump into him again:) We were also able to teach Denisse again this week. We taught her at an older couples home named the Baileys. They are the sweetest couple and treat us like there children. Denisse's lesson was on tithing and fast offering. The lesson went great, and brother and sister Bailey both gave great insights. Denisse is now excited to pay fast offerings:) This week we were also able to teach 3 youth lessons. A youth lesson is where we teach youth, 14 and older, the missionary lessons. They are really cool, and our whole purpose in doing them is to strengthen their personal testimonies. This one young man we are teaching, named Michael, has a lot of struggles with the church and gaining a testimony. This last Friday we had a good lesson with him on strengthening his relationship with God through consistent prayer and scripture study. Towards the end of the lesson we committed him to read and pray daily and promised that he would find power and strength in both. He was very excited to start developing these good habits. It was fun to see him get excited about the commitment:) This Saturday we also had a good discussion with a man named Trenton. He is the coolest guy and knows a tone about the scriptures! During our discussion he was bringing up all of these beliefs he has, which he found by reading the bible:), that go perfectly along with what we believe. He also loves the Book of Mormon, and is already developing a testimony of the truthfulness of it. He is also a very spiritual man and is very in tune with God.  He also told us this amazing story of how he came to believe in Jesus Christ. He said it all happen at a Omish-like community down in Costa Rica! The story involved him getting a ride with a Mennonite preacher in a rickety old van up a mountain pass called the "mountain of Death" It was the most amazing story! The only problem Trenton has, is that he doesn't believe in organized religion. Elder Phipps is going to help him fix that concern next Saturday. 
   We also found out some exciting news this week. A man named Walter Gamen is getting baptized!!!! His wife and 2 of his children joined the church about 3 years ago, but he didn't join with them. For almost three years he has been coming to church and even helps teach primary with his wife. He had stopped talking the lessons, but would allow spiritual lessons and visits. Finally after a lot of prayers, and a lot of missionaries/missionary lessons he has decided to get baptized!President Ames was a huge help in getting him baptized. He will be baptized on May 7th. Also President Ames said that I can come to his baptism, even though I am getting transferred! It will be awesome:) 
   I love you all, and again am so grateful for all of your love and support. This is the true church, and the blessings of heaven will be poured upon us as we keep the commandments and follow our Savior Jesus Christ.
Love, Elder Griffin
P.S. here is a picture of Pablo and his sweet wife Dana:) The other picture is of Trenton, the guy with the cool stories.  

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