Thursday, April 2, 2015

Tiny Turtles and Service

This week was a wonderful week mixed with great service opportunities and awesome lessons!
     The first opportunity was at a former investigators house named Kerry Smith. We helped her dig this huge ditch in front of her house! It took a long time, but it was tones of fun and very satisfying when it was done:) Also while we were digging the hole, I looked down and saw lots of movement in the ground. As I looked closer i noticed that it was 8 baby turtles!! It was the craziest thing of my life. there was a pound near by, but it was still so surprising to dig up a nest of baby turtles:) They were so cute and tiny! They also had these super cool designs on their bellies. This week we also continued the new member lessons with Denisse who was baptized in February. The lesson was on the Plan of Salvation and it went really well. Denisse had a lot of really good questions and a wonderful discussion broke out. She is a great young women and has such a pure heart.
     Also this week we where able to finish racking an older man named Billy's leaves. Lots of the leaves were wet and soggy, so it was quite the adventure racking them up:) When we were finished he was so grateful! We are hoping to teach him the Plan of Salvation soon, because he recently lost his wife. We were also to have another great lesson with Pablo. His heart continues to be softened. We taught him the first half of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and he accepted all of it and had very few concerns:) After the lesson at there house we always kneel down and say the closing prayer, and Pablo will pick someone to say it. Well this time we all knelled down and he said the prayer! This is the first time I have heard him say the prayer out loud! It was awesome to hear his sincere but humble prayer. Also this Sunday Pablo stayed for all three hours of church! He is progressing so well and God is preparing him each day to enter the waters of baptism. This week we also had the second lesson with Yohanna (the German exchange student) We had the lesson in the Wades home and all of them gave great comments and testimonies:) There was a really good spirit in the room. It can be hard at times to teach her due to the language barrier, but the Holy Ghost speaks all languages and can touch all of God's children. We have two lessons scheduled with her this week, so I am excited to see how they will go! The good thing is that her parents back in Germany said they would support whatever decision she decides to make.
       God truly has blessed elder Phipps and I this week and for that I am extremely thankful. I am also so thankful to be serving in Southlake, with great people to teach and an amazing ward to back us up! I love you all and hope you are enjoying the beautiful spring weather:)


Elder Griffin

P.S. here is a picture of one of the turtles, as well as me kissing a huge jug of Chick-Fil-A lemonade

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