Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cooper Miracle and Sidewalk Salvation!

This was a wonderful Easter/General conference week. How blessed are we to be able to celebrate the glorious message of Jesus Christ rising from the dead, as well as to be able to hear from our prophet and apostles.
    This has been a wonderful week full of blessings from a loving Heavenly Father. I started the week out by going on exchange with Elder Partridge. It was a great exchange, and I was able to get lots of good advice and encouragement. On our exchange we had a meeting with a lady who has been a member for about 8 months. She was telling us about all of the hard things she has gone through, and it was super sad! She then went on to talk about how she really wants to be a visiting teacher so she can start helping those in need. She said that helping others, helps her forget how hard she has it. What a true principle. If ever we feel like our troubles and trials our to much to bare, just look up and find someone to serve. It works every time:) Also this week elder Phipps and I had another great lesson at Pablo's. The lesson was on obedience and prayer and I think it really helped him to get a step closer to over coming his addiction to tea and coffee. Pablo also came over to the Williams this Saturday morning to watch a session of general conference. After it was over we were talking to sister Williams and she said that Pablo had a really good experience. He loved how lots of the talks were focused on families. Also when Pablo was at priesthood session, he talked about maybe moving his baptismal date earlier! He is so close, it is so exciting:) This week we also had another good lesson with Denisse. During the lesson we talked a lot about repentance and the gift of the Holy Ghost. Denisse told us a couple of instances in her life where she has seen the Holy Ghost bless her life. She also shared times before her baptism where she had been influence by the Holy Ghost and how it had saved her from harm spiritually and psychically. She is so awesome, and is truly on the path back to her Heavenly Father. This week we were also able to meet with Dan. Before the meeting with him, we couldn't decided what to teach him. We did get some thoughts and feelings, but nothing that stuck. Well we started teaching him and it wasn't going very well. Then we really started listening and teaching based off of his needs and the lesson went a lot better! We got into a good discussion about the Book of Mormon. It was cool, because during the discussion Dan said "This is amazing!" It was so cool to see a testimony of the Book of Mormon start to develop in him. We also talked about temples and eternal families, which sparked his interest and really got him thinking. When we left he told us to give him a couple of weeks to read, and then we would meet again. If Dan takes the time to actually read it, he will be baptized, I can feel it. We also got to meet his sweet 7 year old daughter, she is a really sweet girl.:) 
      Elder Phipps and I also had a pretty cool experience this week with following the promptings of the spirit. So it was Thursday night and we had been trackting, and it was getting dark. We were standing at a street corner and deciding what we should do, because trackting after dark is not recommended. Well elder Phipps decided we should say a prayer, so we prayed and asked God what we should do. Before the prayer I had gotten a feeling to go knock on this door across the street.  After the prayer elder Phipps said we should keep going and I again knew we needed to knock on this door across the street. Well we knock on the door and start talking to this nice couple. As we continued to talk we learned that they knew a family in our ward named the Tietjens. We also learned that there son was Cooper!!!! Cooper was the very first person I taught when I got to Southlake. He was the one that had a baptismal date and then started hanging out with bad friends and stopped meeting with us. It was so crazy that we had trackted into Cooper's parents! We told them we knew Cooper and they became even friendlier. They told us we could come back. I have a good feeling about this family, and I think this may just be the way to get Cooper back on track:) It was an awesome experience, God truly is a god of miracles! Also this Sunday morning we had an Easter program at our stake center. It was full of beautiful music and talks. We also had a pretty good turn out of non-members. The last speaker was Glen Beck! He talked all about Jesus Christ's life how we need to have faith in God's promises to us. He was so animated, and at one point he was even pounding the pulpit:)     
     Well I love you all and hope you enjoyed Easter and Conference. President Monson truly is the prophet of God and through the direction of Jesus Christ leads His church on the earth today. How lucky are we to live in a world where the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in it's fullness!.


Elder Griffin

P.S. Here is a picture of the plan of salvation in chalk on the sidewalk! 

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