Monday, March 16, 2015

Pablo, Brian & Yohanna


It is finally warming up here in Texas! The snow was fun, but I am glad to finally see some sunshine. This week we were able to meet with Pablo, and had a wonderful lesson on Judgement/ the 3 kingdoms of glory. Every time we have lessons at Pablo's house the spirit is so strong, and I know that Heavenly Father is really working on his heart. It has been so fun to see the change that is occurring in him over a 2 month period. He is over coming all of his concerns and I believe he is very close to being baptized. Also this Sunday he came to all 3 hours of church!! This is huge, because he always goes home after Sacrament meeting. I really hope he continues to have a good experience at church. So far, the members have been great! Also this week we had a very interesting discussion with a man named Brian. Brian is really big into reading and figuring out the signs of the times. He studies stars and looks at these crazy things called bible codes. After our meeting with him I had a pretty big headache:) I showed us some pretty crazy stuff! According to him after March 20th the end of the world is supposed to start:) We were able to set up a time to come by and actually teach him our message. I really hope that he will see the truth and happiness in our message. He is all about being prepared, so if we show him that   This week we also had a chance to teach a German exchange student that is living with one of the members in our ward. Her name is Yohanna. One of the young men gave her a Book of Mormon and in a matter of days she read half way through Mosiah! Well we taught her the Restoration, which was pretty hard due to the fact that she didn't feel comfortable answering any of the questions we asked her and there was a slight language barrier. I am not sure how much of the message she understood, but I know the spirit was present and I hope she was able to feel it's peace and power. We will be teaching her the Plan of Salvation next, which I think will be a little bit easier to understand. Also the member she is staying with have her a German book of Mormon, which should be a big help:)  
Well I have to go, but I love you all and hope you have a wonderful St Patrick's day!!


Elder Griffin
 Here is a picture of me holding an Arabic Book of Mormon:)

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