Thursday, March 12, 2015

I love sharing the message of the Restoration

We started off the week with a really awesome lesson with a guy named Dan. Dan is a really cool guy that elder Phipps and elder Cherry found on exchange. He is super nice and is what I call an honest seeker of truth. When they first contacted Dan they left him with a Book of Mormon and set a return appointment. Well this Tuesday we went to his house and were able to share lesson 1 with him. Before the lesson he talked about how for 7 years he had been in contact with multiple LDS people, which lead him to wanting to really know what we believe. The power of being a good example is so real! The lesson was a really solid lesson and Dan was asking tones of questions! I love when investigators ask questions, it means that they really have a desire to know what is right. I absolutely love sharing the message of the Restoration. It is an incredible message that is so pure and true. I never get tired of telling the story of Joseph Smith and explaining how much happiness the Book of Mormon can bring. Also at the begging of the lesson Dan shared how Jesus Christ had helped keep him and his wife together. It was really neat to hear his experience. At the end of the lesson he told us that he will read and pray about the Book of Mormon! We also scheduled another appointment a week from this Tuesday. I think he is really going to like the Plan of Salvation.
    Also this Saturday elder Phipps and I had a really cool experience with a couple named Russ and Ann. They have been taught by a lot of missionaries, but have never been baptized. Well for for about 3 months now we have been meeting with them, but progression was really not being made. Last week we called them to set up another appointment, and during the phone call Ann told us that she felt bad that we were coming over, because she said she doesn't want to be a Mormon. Well I told her that we at least wanted to come over one more time. At first I was kind of anxious and a tad bit nervous, but on the bike ride there I felt a calming peace come over me. The meeting with them went much better then I could have ever imagined. It was really cool, because right off the back Ann just opened up and told us what was holding her back from getting baptized. Her big concern was that she didn't think Joseph Smith was a prophet. I told her off my experience of getting a testimony of Joseph Smith. The spirit was so strong, and I knew that both Russ and Ann could feel it. We were both also able to testify of the truthfulness of the gospel and promised her that if she sincerely asked God if Joseph Smith was a prophet that he would answer her. In closing we told them that we loved them very much and if they ever had anymore questions or wanted to learn more we would always be there for them. I left feeling very good about the meeting, and knew that the meeting had been guided by the spirit. As we got to the end of the street, elder Phipps stopped and said he needed to take a minute to think about how the lesson went. He then went on to tell me that he had been prompted to share a scripture with them, but had been to afraid to share it. He started to get a feeling that he needed to go back. He really didn't want to go back,because they were getting ready for bed and he felt like it would be super awkward. He said a prayer, and he continued to get the same feeling. He asked me what I felt and I said I felt good about going home. He then asked me to pray and ask Heavenly Father the same question. I felt confident in my answer, but I decided to do it any way. As I finished my prayer, I started to get a unsettling feeling. I stood there for a while and thought about what we should do. I finally decided I would support whatever elder Phipps decided. Well he decided to go back. As we got closer to the house, we saw that most of the lights were now off. Elder Phipps decided to still knock on the door. They answered and were actually very nice about it. They invited us in and elder Phipps shared the scripture where Peter confesses that Jesus is the Christ, and Jesus says that knowledge came to him from God. (through the Holy Ghost) It was the perfect scripture to share and it was exactly what they needed to hear! Ann committed a second time to pray and ask God her questions, but this time when she said it she had more conviction in her voice. It was an amazing experience I will never forget and I learned the power of following the promptings of the spirit.
   Well I am off to play some basketball, but I know this is the true Church and that if we have faith in Jesus Christ we can over come and stand strong through anything.


Elder Griffin

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