Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Our heads were spinning:)

This last week was the start of a new transfer, and a lot of change
has happened! So in my district there is us, the Woodland Springs 1st
ward and Trophy club. Well the night before transfers, the Woodland
Springs 1st ward got a call from the APs. They told them that there
area was being shut down, and that elder Jensen and I would be
covering our ward and theres! No once saw this coming. So with very
little notice, they tried to fill us in on all of the people they have
been working on. It was pretty stressful, and both of our heads were
spinning for the first couple of days:) We worked hard, and prayed a
lot and it has worked out so far. It has been a real blessing to be
able to have more people to teach, and more area to be able to go
contacting in. In fact one of their investigators they found a couple
weeks ago has a baptism date! We get to finish teaching her and get
her baptized. I do feel a little bit guilty that we get to get her
baptized instead of them, but we are all part of the same team and are
all working towards the same goal. Her name is Lindsey and she is
super cool. We have only got to meet her once briefly, but we have an
appointment with her this Tuesday night. Please keep her in your
prayers, satan is going to try everything he can to get her to not go
through with it. Luckily for us we have the power of the Holy Ghost on
our side:) This week we also got to teach a part-member family, Karla
and Grady. Karla is a member, but has not been to church in a couple
of years. They are really hard to set appointments with, but 2 weeks
ago we were able to get an appointment with them. Our ward mission did
a special fast for them to make help make sure the appointment didn't
fall through and it worked! We brought over a member that gets along
with them really well. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and the
lesson went really well. Brother Godfrey, the member that came with
us, shared some personal insights on the Atonement, that lead to an
awesome discussion. It was cool to see Karla and Grady developing a
greater understanding of what our Savior did. The spirit was strong
the whole lesson. Karla gave the closing prayer, and it was awesome.
She talked about her desire to get closer to God. We invited them both
to come to a fireside this coming Sunday, where two recent converts
are going to be telling their stories. From what I have heard, they
both had really cool experiences with the Book of Mormon, so it should
be pretty amazing. This week one of our member invited over this
less-active lady named Vick and her kids to have us do the 21 tips
presentation. The 21 tips is something the one of the Texas stakes
came up with. It is 21 tips to help kids get better grades. We sat
down with everyone and went over the tips and had some really good
discussions. The best part of it all was that Vicki had interaction
with members of the ward, it was so good for her!! It was also really
good for the kids. Our next goal with them is to try and teach the
kids the missionary discussions, because none of them have been
baptized. Hopefully this interaction in the members home, will open
her up to having her kids take the discussions:) Also at church we had
this part-member family come, that hadn't been to church in 10 years!
We talked to them briefly after sacrament meeting, and they are open
to learn. One of the members got their phone number and will be
getting in touch with us about having a lesson with them. I love when
miracles happen! It will be exciting to see what happens with them.
   This work is God's work, and he is gathering all of His children
back into his loving arms. I am so grateful to be part of his mighty
army of missionaries around the world. This church is so true, and we
should never be afraid to stand up an share what we know to be true. I
love you all and hope you have a safe, productive week!


Elder Griffin

Teaching a YW group.  One girl was really impacted by what he said, 
the rest probably walked away with a crush on him:)

P.S Good win for BYU!!! Go Cougars

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