Monday, September 28, 2015

Tender mercy text!

I have been spiritually filled this week! We first had our zone conference on Tuesday. It was awesome. The over all theme was becoming a full purpose missionary. President Ames talked about the importance of the doctrine of Christ and how it needs to become a pattern of living in our lives. We develop a faith in Jesus Christ, that leads to true and lasting repentance, following that we make sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father and then we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost which increases our Faith in Christ even more, and then the process repeats. The doctrine of Christ is how we truly use the Atonement and slowly, but surely reach our potential. It was a great conference. Then this Friday I had the chance to go to a leadership training with all of the district leaders and zone leaders. It was an amazing training and I left with a new vision of what I need to do and be as a district leader in the Texas, Fort Worth Mission. 
  This week we also had the chance to teach this part-member family, the O'Brien's. They are amazing, and so ready to receive the gospel. We had an appointment with them this last Monday, but around 3 she text us and said that something really stressful had happened at work and they were trying to figure it all out and would now not be able to meet with us. We were super bummed, and frustrated at Satan. Well as it got closer to 6, she text us back and said that they thought we should still get together. We were so pumped! Well we went over and had a great lesson/discussion with them. They had tones of questions and could not stop telling us how much the gospel is blessing there lives already, and the positive affect church is having on there entire family. We also had a good discussion about why bad things happen when we are trying to be good and do what God wants for us. We talked about how the devil is going to do all he can to keep them from hearing the truth. He sees the bigger picture of your family going to the temple and being sealed for time and all eternity, and will do all he can to stop you. We also talked about the atonement and the enabling power of the Savior. The spirit was so strong the whole time, and my testimony of this work and church grew so much. It was cool because at the end we got brother O'brien to pray and he said a great prayer. They were both on spiritual highs, and wanted to know when we could meet again. After the lesson we were trying to figure out when we could come back, but were not really able to find a good time that worked. Well as this was going on, we received a text from a member we were going to teach. They told us that we would have to reschedule for another week. It worked out great, because the day and time we were going to teach the member worked out perfectly for us to come see the O'Brien again. It was such a tender mercy of the Lord! This truly is His work and these truly are His choice sons and daughters. Our meeting with them on Thursday also went really good. We taught the Restoration to them and they were eating it up. They agreed with everything that was taught, and said they felt the spirit when we shared the first vision. We also gave them both Book of Mormons and committed them to read and pray. They were super excited! We even invited Kathryn (sister O'brien to be baptized and she said she would if she got an answer that this was true. They are an amazing family, and it has been such pleasure to be able to teach her. As we were leaving we also gave them the 20 minute Restoration video. About an hour after the lesson they text us and said that they had watched the video and loved it! It is such a testimony to me that God is always preparing people to accept the gospel.
 This week we were also able to help this lady named Darlene move, we helped her for close to 4 hours! It was tones of fun, but she had so much stuff!! Lots of it was super random too, but it made it more of an adventure:) I got to be in the truck and got to help organize everything. It always feels good to be serving.
 Well you are all amazing, and I am grateful everyday to have a family like you! Have a good week!


Elder Griffin

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