Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Phone call from the airport

Dal got to call us from the airport before he
flew out to Texas this morning.

It was so fun to hear his voice
and chat for a few minutes
but as soon as we said goodbye
a deep aching set in and I
could hardly stand it.
It lingered for several hours
and I told Rick the only
way to describe it is that my
insides felt bruised.
I tried to keep the tears in
but of course the spilled over
until they had run dry.

The MTC was safe and predictable
and 20 minutes away
but Texas is not quite that same
familiar place.
(I can't imagine how I'd feel
if he were going to Africa!)
I'm grateful he was flying
with 20 other Elders who he
has become dear friends with.

I am anxious to hear he has arrived
safely and settled into his new surroundings.
And I am fervently praying for him to
get a GOOD trainer.

Suzy gave me a quote today along
with a necklace in the shape of Texas
with a heart of Fort Worth.
I hung the necklace on my rearview mirror
and the quote on my fridge.

It was, as usual, exactly what I needed…

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