Monday, December 8, 2014

I could not stop smiling...

This week started out with a wonderful exchange. I went to elder Peterson's area for the day. It was nice to not have to run my area:) We biked a lot during the exchange, because they don't have very many miles to spare. We went around and invited all of these part-member/less-active families to this awesome performance the stake puts on called Sing Noel. Also during the night time when we were biking around we went up to this one house that was super dark and spooky. We cautiously approached it and a really nice older lady answered:) We talked to her for a while and then gave her a Book of Mormon, because her's had gotten lost when she moved. Also during the night we were contacting in an apartment complex trying to find someone to teach. Unfortunately we didn't find anyone to teach, but we did get talking to a lady that was having some problems with paying her rent and trying to find a new job. We prayed with her and gave her a "He is the Gift" card. Being able to go up to random people and brighten their day is one of the most wonderful things about this mission. When we were riding back to the apartment I discovered that I had stepped in dog poo! It got all over elder Price's bike and my pants:) It was quite the adventure trying to clean everything off!
   Also this week we had the opportunity to go on exchange with a member in our ward named brother Merrill. We first tried to stop by and see some potential investigators, but all of them were busy. I then was looking at a list of other people we could go see, and a less-active lady named Ofelia popped out at me. We went by her house and she let us in. We shared the new Christmas video with her and she liked it a lot. We then shared the Christmas story with her and talked about getting her back on the straight and narrow path. She told us she wants to start coming back to church and that she would like us to start teaching her the missionary lessons again. I could not stop smiling after we left, and I was so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who is always looking out for his children. 
     We also had a lot of opportunities to serve this week. We got to help a family move twice, which was sad because they were a really cool family, but I am sure the ward they move to will love them. We also helped an older couple dig up some bushes and clear away a tone of trees that were growing on his fence. We are always grateful to serve and love being able to help those in need.
     We also had a great weekend. On Saturday the sisters had a baptism for a man named Scottie. The baptism went great and there were lots of wonderful talks given. I love the feeling that enters the room when the baptismal prayer is said and the person is immersed in water. We are so blessed to be able to have the priesthood authority back on the earth to preform such wonderful ordinances. After his baptism was the ward Christmas party. There was tones of good food and desserts. There was also a lovely program with lots of musical numbers and Christmas videos shown. Then this Sunday we had an investigator come to church, her name is Charlene. The wonderful thing was that it was fast Sunday, so she got to be edified by all of the wonderful testimonies that were borne and on top of that she got to see Scottie receive the Holy Ghost. She said after Sacrament meeting that she was really touched by one of the testimonies given. Then during Gospel essentials she asked so many questions and was really interested in what we believe. She told us after church that she wants us to come to her house and that she has a lot of questions for us. She is super solid and I can feel that she is ready to enter the gate back to our Heavenly Father. Hopefully we can set a baptismal date with her soon!
     This morning we received some pretty exciting news. The sister missionaries in our ward called us and informed us that we will be taking over their area, as well as keeping ours! This means that we will be able to have so many more people to teach. We also get a car:) I am so excited and ready for this change of pace. It will be a lot more work, but I love staying busy so it will be perfect. 

    Well I love you all and hope you are all having a wonderful Christmas season so far!


Elder Griffin

P.S. I will try to send pictures with investigators next week:)          

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