Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Serve everyone that the Lords puts in your path!

This Holiday week has been wonderful. It started out with an awesome district meeting. This was elder Petersen's first meeting as district leader and he did a wonderful job:) He gave a wonderful training on keeping a balance between the demands of a mission and the resources we have been given. He then went on to explain that the only way to keep a balance between the two was to use the enabling power of the Atonement. Elder Peterson is really good at bringing the spirit, and so I am excited to see what other wonderful ideas he will bring to our district these next couple of transfers.
    For Thanksgiving we got to have 3 dinners! The first was a Thanksgiving lunch on Wednesday with the Lyman family. They are so awesome and I love their family. They have 4 daughters and a son that just left on a mission 2 months ago to Argentina. They had lots of yummy food and probably some of the best turkey I have ever had! They also had everyone around the table say something that they were thankful for this year, and it was really fun to see what everyone had to say. Following lunch we played the board game balderdash, it was a really funny game and we had a lot of fun. After the board game, we had the Lyman family teach us the plan of salvation. They all did a wonderful job and the spirit was so strong! Our second Thanksgiving dinner was on Thursday at an older couples house. They had tones of people over at their house, and it was super awkward at first because I didn't know who to talk to. It got better towards the end, because I started passing the football around with one of their grandchildren. Our third Thanksgiving was at the Newberry families house. I was pretty full from the other meal, but they did have this amazing chocolate chip cheese cake. At their house we played this really fun dice game called 10,000, and I even won the game even though I had never played it before:) They had a lot of cool family members and they made elder Walker and I feel like we were home. It was a very enjoyable night. I did miss going to a big fun house and being with the family.
     This Friday we were able to have a really good lesson with Jerome. He is super hard to teach, because he always goes off on these political tangents and we aren't allowed to discuss politics so it makes it pretty frustrating sometimes. This time thought we were able to teach him all of the restoration, and we made sure to really focus on Joseph Smith and the Great Apostasy. It was awesome, and he said he wanted to read up more on Joseph Smith, so we gave him the Joseph Smith Pamphlet. I really hope he reads it! He is such a good person and I really hope his heart is softened enough to accept our message. Josh, this really cool returned missionary, came with us to see Jerome and he did a really good job explaining the Apostasy. Also this Saturday we were going around and trying to visit part-member families and we stopped at this lady named Claudia Strong, who I have never seen at church. She let us in and we had an awesome visit with her and her husband, and then guess what? They came to church on Sunday:) It has been really fun meeting lots of new families in our ward and helping them get back to church. Also this Sunday we got a new bishop! He is going to be such a great bishop. He used to be a seminary teachers, so he is going to be great with the youth. He also talked about how we have 700 members in this ward and only 250 show up and how we have a lot of work to do. Hopefully this will mean he is more open to missionary work:) Also for third hour it was combined and we as missionaries got to do a presentation on the "He is the Gift" initiative the church is doing. We also told them about this new thing our mission president is having us do called the living Christmas card. For it we will be going to members friends houses, singing them a Christmas song and then sharing a scripture with them. It is going to be awesome.
      Have a good week everyone and don't forget to serve everyone that the Lord puts in your path!


Elder Griffin

P.S. Here are some pictures. This is me and elder walker with these huge gummy snakes his mom sent him:) And the other one is a little Christmas tree we put up.

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