Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Chick-fil-a on an empty stomach

                                                                                 Nov 24, 2014
This week was great. It started off with us going over to the Newberrys. They are a really nice older couple in our ward. One of there grandsons named Blake is living with them. He is less-active and so sister Newberry wanted us to come over and share a message with him. They feed us a wonderful meal, and we really bonded with Blake while we were over there. After dinner we decided we would watch the 20 minute version of the Restoration. It was really good, except for the fact that Blake fell asleep. Luckily after the movie we had a discussion about how the Restoration has blessed our lives and Blake made some good comments. We will be going over to their house tonight. Sister Newberry has asked us to talk about repentance with Blake. Please pray for him that the spirit can touch his heart.
       Also this week week we had interviews with the mission president. Before the interviews the zone leaders and sister training leaders have a training. The sisters talked a lot about Christ and opened up a discussion about how each of us has gained our testimony of the Savior. It was really awesome. Also the zone leaders talked about this thing the church is doing called the "He is the gift" initiative. It is going to be awesome! The church really wants this Christmas to be centered on Christ. There is a really cool video on Christmas.mormon.org that will put on the website on November 28th. Go check it out! After the meeting, we had our interviews. My interview went great. President Ames is amazing. He has so much love for us as missionaries and always knows what you need to hear. I am so grateful to have him as my mission president. Following the interviews we went on exchange with brother Perks. He is a really cool younger guy in our ward. With him we went to go see our investigator named Chris. We taught him the first lesson, and it went great. He was still doesn't want to pray, because he is still struggling with the idea of blind faith. Brother Perks was able to relate to him very well, and explained to him how we over come that fear of taking the first step to know if God exists. It was really good, and I think it helped Chris feel at peace. Chris has also been reading the Book of Mormon and said he loves the message it  contains. After our meeting with Chris we brother Perks took us to Chick-Fila! It was super good, because we had not eaten anything all day:) 
    Also this week we made a list of all of the part-member families that are in our area, and we went and visited tried to set up return appointments. We didn't have too much success, but at least they know that we are there for them. We did talked to this really nice younger family. They had a boy in 9th grade that loved soccer, so me and him connected really well. I think they defiantly have some potential in the future. While we were going around visiting all of the part-member families this lady stopped us on her bikes. She then went on to explain to us her life story and how she has come to know God. It was an interesting story and was full of amazing answered prayers she had. We left her with a Book of Mormon and she said we could come and teach her. It was a cool experience. 
    This weekend we were able to help this really nice younger family with adorable kids.we helped them move a mattress, a washer and dryer and some tables. We didn't have a truck and so we had to tie the mattress to the top of the car. When we were on the freeway it was bouncing up and down! It was pretty crazy, but luckily it didn't blow off the car:) Also when the husband and I were trying to move the washer up the stairs my hands slipped and it almost fell back down the stairs! Then a couple more steps up my hands slipped again and it landed on my foot and hit me in the shin:) It was quite the move, but the family was so thankful for the help. We also had a good Sunday yesterday. Elder Walker was asked to give a talk on repentance and he did a great job, and then in elders quorum we had a good lesson on testimonies. The brother giving the lesson did an activity where he had a ball that he would throw to someone, then he would have them bare their testimonies on a certain subject. It was a really cool idea. We were also able to have dinner with this awesome family, the Lymans. They just sent their son on a mission. They have 4 daughters and we thought is would be fun to teach them the missionary lessons to help build up the kids testimonies. The lesson went great and the spirit was strong especially when elder Walker talked about Joseph Smith. This Wednesday we are going back to their house, except this time they are going to teach us lesson 2:) It will be pretty neat.
         Well I my time is up, but I love you all and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Eat lots of turkey and remember to thank God for all of the wonderful blessings he gives us.


Elder Griffin

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