Saturday, November 8, 2014

What every mother longs to hear...see the highlighted section:)

This week has been a good one, the weather has actually gotten cold enough that I thought about putting on my sweater:) Hopefully this time it will actually stay cold! This morning one of the members in our ward took us to Whataburger (a famous burger place) because this is probably elder Partridges last week! We got these really good burgers, they were huge! It was a fun surprise.

Early this week I went on exchange with a brand new missionary named elder Price. The exchange was in my area, which is always a good growing experience. While on exchange we went and visited Claudia. Just recently one of her daughters had a surgery to remove some cancer and the surgery went really well! She was very relieved and told us that God truly is watching out for her. Later in our meeting with her she said that she would like a blessing, because her back has really been hurting and she wanted help to quite smoking. It was an amazing blessing and the spirit was so strong! I love that God allows us to be his hands here on earth, and through us he blesses his children. It is such an honor to be his servant. Following the blessing we talked a lot about the scripture in Mathew that talks about taking the Saviors yoke upon us, and how we can put our load into his cart and let him pull with us. It is such a powerful scripture and it reminded me of how much we really need Jesus Christ! Following the meeting with Claudia we were heading to the church to meet with the Binklies, and we decided to contact this man on the street. We starting talking to him and testified to him of the Book of Mormon. After we had testified, he asked us a question that really got me thinking. He said "What is truth and how do you know it is truth" We told him that all truth comes from God and that the way we know that it is from God is through the spirit. It was an interesting conversation, and hopefully he will in the future take the missionary lessons. He also said he had a Book of Mormon, hopefully know he will read it! After that we went and taught the Binklies. We got to teach them the ten commandments, the word of wisdom and tithing. It has been so fun to teach Junior, he is a great listener and always has good questions. Also this week the Binklies moved in to their home! We were so excited for them, they are having us over for dinner this week:) It was a great exchange and I learned a lot.

Also this week for Halloween our ward had a Trunk or treat. Me and elder Partridge were in charge of these Halloween games for the kids. It was kind of crazy, but fun at the same time:) Also this family named the Geurs came, which was really great, because we have been trying to get them to come to church forever! Hopefully this will be a good first step and help them realize that they have a wonderful ward family that want them to come back. That same day a really nice member took us to this really good BBQ place! His name is Sam Cripe, and he is a convert of 1 year:) He is a really nice man and always goes on exchanges with us. 

Also this week we have been biking so much! It makes me super tired, but I love it:) We have been trying to contact a lot of referrals that we have received. There are a lot of good potential investigators that I think are definitely ready to hear the gospel. This one day we were biking to see some referrals, and we saw this homeless man with a flat tire sitting in this yard. We went over and started to talk to him. We helped him fix his tire the best that we could and then we starting discussing the Book of Mormon. He was a really nice guy and said that he loved us for teaching about Jesus. We left him with a Book of Mormon and invited him to church. When we left he have us a hug and said we were like brothers to him:) Being able to help people is one of the greatest things in the world!

One funny story that happened this week. I had gotten a flat tire, and had patched it up and put it back onto the frame. I then proceeded to fill it with air. As I was filling it up I noticed a large bulge in the frame, and then all of the sudden the tube exploded shooting slim and scaring the life out of me! My left ear was ringing for close to an hour, I have learned to be more patient when fixing a flat tire now:)

Well transfers are coming up this week and I am pretty nervous to see what happens. The only thing that gives me reassurance is that all things are in God's hands, and that the companion I get will be the one that I need. I t will be interesting to see what happens. I love you all and hope you had a great Halloween!


Elder Griffin

P.S. I'll try to get some picture this next week, I'm sorry I haven't been very good at sending pictures! 

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