Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Lost canes and a little cleaning up can save souls!

It really is crazy how fast time flies out here! These 3 months have gone by so quickly and it has been fun to look back and evaluate everything that has happened. I have grown so much and am very excited to see what awaits in these next transfers. This morning I got a call and was informed that I will be staying in the same area, but will be getting a new companion. His name is elder Walker. Elder Partridge told me that he is a really cool guy, and he is my same height:) It will be fun to see what his personality is like.

This week has been a great week. For the last week of my training I got to be senior companion for the week. It was really hard and super stressful, but it did show me that I can run this area now. It has been so fun to be able to know where everything and everyone in my area is.

Here are some of the highlights of the week: we got to go and eat dinner at the Binklies new house! It was so cool to see them in a home happy and safe. We have still been teaching Junior, and will be going over to teach him the other half of the commandments lesson this Tuesday. He is still doing very good, and I believe his new baptism date is December 6th:) Also this week it rained super hard and we got to go out and bike in it! We were soaked, but loved every moment of it:) While we were contacting this week we were in this neighborhood and we spotted this cane laying against a lamppost. We decided that we should see if we could find the owner so they could have their cane. The house it was in front was vacant and so elder Partridge said we should try the one across the street. We went over there and this really nice lady opened the door and started talking to us. She was very open and kind and told us all about her family. We then shared a scripture with her and then invited her to come to the family history center because she wanted help. It was so cool that we were able to find a wonderful lady that we can share the gospel with and all because we found a cane on the side of the road. It goes to show that the Lord always provides a way for his children who are ready to receive this gospel. We were also able to see dear sweet Claudia. When we stopped by to see how she was doing she was out smoking a cigarette:( But she only smoked half of it because she saw that we were there, so that was good. We took her into her room and started talking with her. She was not doing very well and was pretty down. We shared a message from the scriptures with her, but she was still super sad. I then had the thought that we should help her organize her little room. She got a big smile on her face and said that she would love to do that. We then helped her for the next 30 minutes to organize her room. When we were done she was happier then I have seen her in a long time:) I am so grateful for the guidance of the spirit. This week me and elder Peterson went to check on a wonderful family named the Bensons. We were going to see how there 9 year old baptismal arrangements were coming. I was really nervous, and didn't know how to go about bringing baptism up. I decided to start with a short message. After the message the spirit was there and it was easier to bring up baptism. I was so glad that they were open to talk about their daughter baptism. 

We also have gotten a lot of awesome referrals lately that have lots of great potential! I am super excited to start meeting with all of them:) Well I am out of time, but I hope you all have a good week and enjoy the beautiful fall season!


Elder Griffin

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