Tuesday, November 18, 2014

You can teach the gospel anywhere...even in Arby's with worldly music!

This week I got my new companion. His name is elder Walker and he is from Las Vegas. He is a very interesting guy. Here are some interesting things about elder Walker: he loves cats, , he is shorter then me but can do so many push-ups, he loves Hispanic candy, (he let me try some, it was pretty gross!) he likes to talk and makes tones of jokes, he is always happy and loves to laugh, he loves talking to people, he is a good teacher and knows how to work hard, he loves making these glue book marks and has made over 250 of them on his mission and he loves doughnuts:) It has been kind of hard getting used to a new companion, especially sense he is so much different then elder Partridge, but I think together the both of us are going to bring this area and the members back to life!
      This week we finally got the chance to meet with Nina and Dustin. They are the young couple that have a baby due any day now! Nina is also a really good painter and has these paintings in her house that are way cool! She said she plans on selling them for 10,000 dollars! We went over with a member in our ward and taught the plan of salvation to them. She really liked it and said that during the lessons lots of questions she had were answered. We also got to relate the pre-earth life to her and the little one she is about to have, it was pretty cool. Next time we are going to be going over Joseph Smith and the Restoration again, we left her with the Joseph Smith Pamphlet. We also got to meet with a really cool family at Arbys. The parents are divorced, but the father wants his children to grow up in the gospel. The children live with there mom and her boyfriend who dose not like the church. There are two children named Kylie and Chandler, they are super awesome. Kylie is 12 and was just recently baptized. Chandler is in 9th grade and is a really smart kid. We taught them lesson 3, because Kylie is a recent convert. The lesson went really well and the spirit was strong, even though we were in an Arbys with worldly music. I am excited to continue to teach them, they all love learning about the gospel. 

       Also this week me and elder Walker went to go see a potential named Alex. We meet him 2 months ago outside, when he asked us for a Book of Mormon. When we got to his house the first question he asked was why there weren't any F names in the Book of Mormon. It was the strangest question I have ever heard. He also thought that Joseph Smith saw the first vision in his hat:) We told him the story of Joseph Smith and explained that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, not a story that Joseph Smith made up. He also talked about how he didn't understand why there are so many versions of the Bible. We told him that, that is one of the reasons why the Book of Mormon was written, to help get rid of the confusion about all of the different doctrines. We also told him that the Book of Mormon was only translated once and we explained the process Joseph Smith went through. Alex also does not believe in Jesus, he thinks he is an extra-terrestrial being. We talked to him about faith and why we need it. It was a really interesting discussion. He defiantly has some weird beliefs, but he was really open to learning more about what we believe in. We left him with a restoration and plan of salvation pamphlet. That same night we also were able to give a blessing to a sick little girl who is part of a less-active family. It was cool, because when we first put our hands on her head she was nervous, but the mother said that when we started giving the blessing that she calmed down. The power of the Priesthood is real and such an amazing blessing from our Heavenly Father.
     This next week should be a good week, we are finally finding more people to teach. We are also going to be getting our ward more evolved and will be asking for a lot more member referrals. I am so excited to see what will happen this transfer!:) Love you all and hope you are all staying warm and are enjoying the snow!:)


Elder Griffin 

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