Saturday, November 8, 2014

Frustrations and flat tires...but still finding the good!

This week has been kind of a trying week, but I have grown so much and know that the Lord is watching out for me.

This Tuesday I had the chance to go on exchange with Elder Nanney. Elder Nanney came out the same time I did, and is kind of struggling with being a missionary. He doesn't have any social skills and he has a hard time teaching lessons, but he is full of love and is very obedient. This exchange I got to go to his area. When we got to his apartment our first appointment was with a family called the Moyas. They do have a car in their area, but we decided to take the bikes to save on their miles. Well we got about half we to their house and elder Nanney's tire got a flat, so we had to walk all the way back to their apartment to see if we could fix it.:) Once we got back to the apartment we decided that we would fix the tire later and take the car. It was the first time I had driven a car in 3 months! It was fun to have a break from my bike. The lesson with the Moyas went great. The boyfriend is a member, but his girlfriend is not. We taught them about tithing, prayer and scripture study. It went wonderful and they both shared awesome testimonies about the power of prayer in their lives. Following that lesson we drove back to the apartment and walked to a man's house named Pedro. Pedro wasn't home, but we did get some good contacting practice on the way back. After Pedro we had dinner with the Carl family. They had breakfast for dinner, and it was super good! I was starving and it was wonderful to have a home cooked meal. Following dinner we taught a boy who is 9 the plan of salvation. After dinner we came home and went to see a potential investigator i their area named Quazi. He was the coolest guy! He was super passionate about being kind to everyone. He told us that we all just need to have love for each other and not judge. When we left he gave us a hug and said to come back Monday. It was good to see someone who is being prepared to receive the gospel. One funny thing about elder Nanney is that he loves telling jokes! He told this pretty funny one about this dancing cookie that made me laugh pretty hard. The following morning I fixed elder Nanney's flat tire and we headed off to go see a potential investigator. We had not gone 200 yards when his tire went flat again! At first I thought the patch I had put on his bike had not worked, but when I looked at his tire, he had a nail sticking out of his tire!:) That poor bike tube was just not having a very good week. My favorite part of this exchange was that I got to be the senior companion. It was kind of hard at times, but I liked how it pushed me and allowed me to gain good leadership experience.

This week we also had a hard time with the Binklies. Originally we had Junior's baptismal date set for the first of November, but bishop said he needed to see them at church more and moved their date to December 6th. The thing is the Binklies have come to church the past two weeks, and the only reason they hadn't been coming was because Brother Binkley had to work to be able to feed the family. He doesn't have a job and has to do odd jobs when available. Well when we meet with the Binklies this Thursday we told them the situation. After we finished speaking, brother Binkley got up and left with his kids without saying a word. We were very shocked and very worried that we had said something wrong. That night and the following day were pretty rough, because we didn't know what to do or say. A lot of prayers were said for the Binklies. Well  this Saturday he called us and said that he was sorry he walked out, and that he was just frustrated with the Bishop (they have had other problems before) and didn't want to say or do anything out of anger that he would regret so that is why he left. He also said that he will meet with the bishop this Wednesday, and that he wants to continue to have Junior take the missionary lessons! The power of prayer is real and I was so grateful that everything worked out.  Also the Binklies found a house! This is awesome news, because they have been living in a hotel room that has two beds for the 6 of them living there. They will be moving in this Friday:) The Binklies are such an amazing family, and I am so glad everything is working out for them!

This Saturday and Sunday we had the chance to go to Stake Conference. It was awesome and the whole thing was centered on missionary work and temple work. Our stake President has really caught the fire of missionary work. Also at this Stake Conference this 16 year old girl shared her conversion story and said something that I really liked. She said "We are Heavenly Father's everything". I loved this quote, and It made me realize just how much God loves us, and that he really does want us to be happy while we are here on earth. It also made me so grateful to know that everything is in His hands, and that if we are living righteously he will provide us with the strength we need, through Jesus Christ, to help us keep going on the path to eternal life. Our mission President also spoke, and talked about how it really isn't that hard to invite people to church. He had some missionaries go up and role play asking someone to church. He then had everyone in the audience role play the same thing with the person sitting next to them! It was fun to see people realize how easy it really is.

Hope everyone has a fun Halloween weekend, and eats lots of treats!


Elder Griffin    

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