Monday, December 15, 2014

Moving On To Southlake

This morning to my great surprise, I found out that I am getting transferred! No one say it coming, it was quite the shock this morning. The are I am getting transferred to is called Southlake. It is one of the richest areas in Texas! My new companion is elder Brown, elder Peterson said he is super cool so I am pretty excited. The only down fall is that my are I am in now was about to get a car and now I am being transferred to an area that is only biking:) At least I will stay in shape. It is going to be an interesting next transfer, but President Ames is an inspired man and I trust that he is doing what the lord wants done. 
      This week has been a wonderful week. We had a really good zone counsel, and what was taught was exactly what I needed to hear. The topic I really like was how we resolve conflicts with our companion and investigators. I really needed this, because I have been struggling with elder Walker and it helped put my mind at ease. Elder Peterson also gave a really good counsel on working with members, he talked about how if we are bold with members it will help them increase their boldness with being missionaries. It is such a blessing to have had such a solid and strong first zone. I will miss everyone so much! Also this week we had a really cool lesson with Chris, we took the priests in our ward with us on exchange to teach him. We taught him the plan of salvation. He really liked it, and was pretty interested in the spirit world and the resurrection. It was also cool to have the priests with us. They all did a great job teaching, bearing their testimonies and reading certain scriptures. I hope that this experience will help them get excited for a mission. Also this Friday we had a pretty cool experience. We were going around trying to visit a lot of part-member families and less-actives and we knocked on a ladies door named Heather. She answered and seemed pretty hesitant at first, but gradually opened up the more we talked to her. Eventually we asked her if we could come in and share a message with her. She said that normally she doesn't let people in, but she let us in! We watched the "He is the Gift" video and she loved it. That video is so amazing and even though I have watched it so many times I feel the spirit every time I watch it. After the video she opened up and told us about her brother who got in a car crash while he was visiting her for the holidays. He has a large possibility of being paralyzed. He has a wife and two baby twin daughters. It was really sad, but we comforted her and had a really cool discussion on why God gives us trials. We ended with a really good prayer given by elder Walker. After the pray she just sat there quietly for a moment, and I Knew she was feeling the spirit. Hopefully elder Walker and his new companion can reactivate her! Also this Saturday we went to this awesome Christmas concert that our stake puts on every year called Sing Noel. It was so beautiful and I enjoyed it a lot. We also had one of our investigators named Charlene come to the concert, she said she enjoyed it as well. She even brought her husband along who said he was not interested, hopefully it helped to soften his heart. Last night we also had a wonderful visit with the Vandergriff family, it had been quite some time since we had seen them so it was fun to meet with them. They are both doing wonderful, sister Vandergriff's baby is due any day now and brother Vandergriff's shoulder is starting to heal so he is back at work. We watched the "He is the Gift" video with them as well, and also the piano guys Oh come Oh come Emmanuel nativity video. Both are beautiful videos and brought the spirit strongly into their home. They both have the goal of getting sealed in the temple, so hopefully we can help them achieve that goal. 
     Well I am out of time, but I hope everyone has a good weekend getting ready for Christmas:) I love you all and am so grateful that our loving Heavenly Father gave his son to all of us, giving us all a chance to live with him some day. What a wonderful time of year to remember the birth of the Savior of the world!  


Elder Griffin    

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