Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A ride in the trunk:P

The first week of the transfer went pretty well. It was sad to say goodbye to elder Mohrmann, but I know that he will do just fine where ever he is sent. My new companion elder Fullmer is quite the character. He always keeps me on my toes and constantly is making me laugh. Whenever he is tired he always makes talks in these ridiculous voices that always make me smile. He is a huge comic book fan and is a pretty big gamer. He also loves technology, which is good because I am struggling trying to figure out this whole i Pad thing:) He is also very obedient and is willing to work hard, which I am very grateful for! It should be a pretty good transfer.
   We started out this week by going and visiting this part-member family. The guy we are teaching is named Grady and his fiancee is Carla. They are both in their early 20's and are super cool! We went over Monday and they feed us the most amazing chicken enchiladas I have ever had! Following that we taught them the Restoration and the lesson was awesome! At the end we showed this short video about the Book of Mormon, where elder Holland explains what the Book of Mormon is how it can bless your life. It brought the spirit pretty strong. I am excited to continue to teach them, they are both very humble and have a great desire to know what is right. We had biked over to their house and it was getting pretty late, so they offered us a ride home. Well after getting the bikes in the car their was only one seat, and so I found a small spot in the trunk to squeeze in. It was an interesting car ride home:) Also this week we where able to meet with Kaven again. He is so cool, we where teaching out of the Book of Mormon a lot, and showing him all of the scriptures that testified and prophesied about Christ. He was eating it up, and was so amazed that their was another ancient record that testify and prophesied of Christ. He got so excited, it was fun to see him light up as truth was entering his mind. After our meeting with him, he totally opened up his kitchen to us and told us we could eat anything we wanted to. He is the kindest man and has a deep desire to learn all he can. The only down side to that is that he loves all of the deep question. The latest one he asked us is "Where does evil originate?" Hopefully we can keep him focused on the important doctrine:) I love teaching and meeting with him and pray his heart is soft enough to accept a baptismal invitation. So far these are the only two people we are actually teaching, but we have been trying to find more people to teach like crazy:) There are so many potential investigators/part member families that I know would let us teach them, it is just a matter of good timing. I do believe that God can do all things, and so we will continue to be patient and keep doing the best we can. It gets me excited to know that there are people in this are who are ready to accept the gospel, all we have to do is find them. It is definitely a big motivating factor.
   We have also been trying to start up youth lessons in this ward and where able to have our first one this Friday. The youth we taught is named Tyler. Him and his family are super cool. We taught him the Restoration as well as his two sisters and dad. They all gave great answers and were really fun to teach. At the end of the lesson we had a mini testimony meeting, where we had everyone share their testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was pretty cool, they all had strong testimonies of it. One of the girls even shared a missionary experience she had where she shared a Book of Mormon with her friend. What a great family! 
   Have a great week! Enjoy the sun and keep safe:)

Elder Griffin    

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