Tuesday, June 23, 2015


This week we finally received our i Pads! It has been super weird, but very exciting to have technology back in my hands again. We have been having a lot of training's that are better preparing us to use these i Pads. This next week we are going to be learning how to use the area book app. It is an incredible app and will help us as missionaries by a lot more organized:) It also has a planning feature, so we won't be needing our little blue and white daily planners. It will be hard at first to make the transition, but I know it will be a whole lot better. We have also started to using in our teaching. We did have a cool little experience with the i Pads this week. We were trackting this street and we started talking to this guy. He told us he was a very devout Catholic, but respected what we do. Usually this leads to them not letting us share a message, but this time I asked him if we could share a quick video with him. He agreed to it and even let us come in his home:) It was cool to see how the i Pad had allowed us to get into someones home, who normally would not have let us come in. There is also these cool interactive pamphlets that are incredible. We haven't quite mastered how to contact with them yet, but they will make gospel discussions a lot more natural and interesting. What a great day and age to be a missionary!
    This week we had the chance to go and meet with Kaven again. His knowledge about the bible and its history still continue to amaze me! He asked us so many questions, and a lot of them we could't even answer. During our discussion together he asked us if we thought it was ok to be baptized again. He said he was sprinkled as a baby, but has not found any evidence of that practice in the bible. This question lead to an awesome discussion on priesthood authority and what the right way to get baptized is. Well we kept talking and got on another topic. After a certain amount of time I had a feeling that we needed to talk more about baptism. I told him our purpose as missionaries "to invite others to come unto Christ, by helping them receive the restored gospel, through faith in Jesus Christ in His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. We then told him that we were there to help him take those steps towards the waters of baptism. It opened up another good discussion about baptism and he even told us that the way LDS baptize is the closest way to the bible that he has yet found:) He told us that the next time he meets he had some questions that he has really been wanting answers to. We are hoping to meet with him this Wednesday. We are hoping to invite him to be baptized this next time, after we answer his questions.
   I hope everyone is enjoying their summer vacation and staying safe as well.


Elder Griffin 

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