Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Cement service & Area Book Transitions

This week was an interesting week for missionary work. We have this
area book app, that is going to eventually replace the old area book.
Well part of the transition to a digital area book is that we have to
transfer all of the information in the area book, teaching records,
formers, less actives and potential investigators, into the i Pads
manually. I know in the end it will all be worth it, but right now it
is taking up a lot of our time to do missionary work. Luckily we
should be done with it by the end of this week.
   This Monday last Monday night we were able to help this one member
in our ward with putting an edging around his flower beds. Half way
through doing service for him it started to rain, it was quite the
adventure trying to quickly finish so that all of the stones could
settle together. After we put all of the stones in place we dumped
quick cement around the rocks. It felt good to work hard, nothing like
good old hard work! After we did service the member we helped do the
service took us to the grocery store and bought all of our groceries
for the week! It was such a blessing, and saved us so much money! We
were so grateful for the kind act of service he did for us.
    This week we also got to do some more service for this older lady.
We helped her put in some new fencing. We started out by pulling down
the old pieces of the fence. While we were doing that these carpenter
ants started climbing all over the fence, they were everywhere! Lucky
for us they didn't bite, but it was quite the sight to see hundreds of
ants climbing all over the fence. After we removed the fence, we
started to dig up the old fence posts that was cemented into the
ground. After digging for a while we decided that it would be better
to use an auger (this big drill looking thing that digs holes in the
ground) This thing was a beast! It dug holes in the ground like it was
pudding:) It was pretty cool to see that thing in action. After the
holes were dug we put new poles in and poured cement into the holes to
keep the pole firm. It was a super fun service project, who knew
putting up fences would be so fun.
   This week I also had another district meeting. It went pretty well.
We talked a lot about keeping new converts in the church. We had a
really good discussion about getting the ward involved in keeping your
recent converts active. Without the ward, it is super hard to keep new
converts in the church. They really need to know that they are loved
and that they are important to the ward. While preparing for district
meeting I found this letter that had been sent into the first
presidency. It was written by a man who had joined the church, but due
to not getting support he had left. It was an eye opening letter,
because it really showed me how new investigators really are feeling.
We also talked about remembering our purpose as missionaries,
especially with having i Pads. I have been blessed with an amazing
district, and it is such a joy to be ale to serve them and learn from
 Well I love you all and hope all of you continue to do all you can to
strengthen your testimonies of all of the beautiful gospel principles.
Have a great week!

Elder Griffin

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