Monday, July 20, 2015

Teaching and Preaching

So this week I was put in another trio! Originally elder Fullmer and I were in a trio with the trophy club elder, but driving back and forth between the two areas was pretty hard, so president decided that elder Fullmer would stay with elder Ray in Trophy Club and I would be in a trio with the Woodland Springs 1st elders. It has been pretty crazy, but we are making the most of it and have a good old time.
   This week one of the elders that I am in a trio with (elder Jacobson) had to get surgery on his pinky, because he broke it wrestling his companion:) He was video tapped and it was super funny to watch him while he was still feeling the affects of the drugs, he said some pretty random funny things. He is quite the trooper, because he can only use one hand to do everything. He will be ok though, he is a tough cookie.
   This week we were able to meet some pretty cool people while tracting. The first one was a guy named Royce. We started talking religion with him, and found out that he interacts with quite a few Mormons in his work field. He was a super open guy and accepted a Book of Mormon. He also said he would be willing to learn more. We also meet this really nice couple. They just barley moved in to our area. They really respected us and what we do. They allowed us to share the Restoration with them. After we told Joseph Smith's story, the wife said that the story of the first vision was definitely something she could believe in. What I really liked about our interaction with them was that I could feel that they really could tell that we were being sincere about our message. They both agreed to read the Book of Mormon. I also liked that they said they would really need to study what we believe before they joined Christ's church. This shows that they are honest seekers of truth, and that this decision they might be making is very serious. They were so cool! We also taught this senior in high school named Branden. We had a good conversation about how religion shapes our life, and how it truly keeps us safe and happy. He told us that his mom's side isn't very churchy and they are pretty wild. On the other hand he said his dad goes to church every week and has his head on straight and has a purpose. We shared the restoration with him. He really felt the spirit while we were sharing the first vision. We asked him how he felt. He got a smile on his face and told us he felt happy and good inside. Seeing peoples eyes light up when they hear the truth is a wonderful experience, and I am grateful that he was able to feel the spirit. This week we were also able to teach a youth lesson to a girl in our ward named Sarah. She is so awesome! She shared with us how she gained a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. It was a powerful testimony and it brought the spirit strong into the room. Our youth our so awesome! Even though the world is evil and full of sin, it is so refreshing to see teenagers who know who they are and where they are going. It is such a blessing in my life to be able to interact and teach these youth.
   Have a great week!


Elder Griffin 

We won the cleanest car award!

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