Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Terrific Trio

This week has been very busy and a little stressful. On Monday we got a call from the zone leaders and we were informed that an elder in our district had gone home due to health reasons. His companion did not have a companion, and so president put him with us, so for a week now we have been trying to cover our area and his area. It has been a lot of work and planning, but we have had a lot of fun together. 
   This week we had the chance to go and teach a less active lady named Vicky. She has not been to church in a long time, because she struggles with believing in God. We went over with bishop and had a super good discussion with her about God. She shared with us an experience she had were she believed that God had used her to help this lady who was stuck at a gas station. She said that she knows that there was defiantly a higher power involved. We told her that whenever doubt comes that she needs to remember back to the times that she did know God was real and let that over come the doubt. We also committed her to pray and ask if God is real and if He loved her and we promised that she would receive an answer. Also while we were there bishop committed all of her kids to come to church. It was awesome! Her kids are really sweet, and have gone to church in the past and really liked it. One of the little kids said that she has prayed every night since the missionaries told her to. She was so sweet, and I love how pure and innocent children are. 
   This week we also worked in Trophy club for a couple of days (this is the other area we are covering for a little while) While we were their we were able to teach one of their investigators named Gayle. She is such a sweet lady. We taught her the Restoration and she loved it. She was a little confused about what made our church so different then any other church, so we had a really good conversation about the restoration of the priesthood. Once we were able to explain it she understood and said that if she came to know it's true that she would be baptized, she even said that her husband would probably be interested as well! I see good things in the future for Gayle, once she gets into that Book of Mormon the spirit will do the rest. What a blessing it is to be able to have the Book of Mormon. We also were able to see this really nice lady named Rosy. She was also a sweet lady. She told us how much she loves the missionaries, and how she really likes the spirit they bring into her house. As she was telling her religious background and all of the experiences she has had it was so cool to see how close to God she really is. She had this little box of scriptures/quotes that she would read every day. She told us that she has even came to general conference before, and that
 she really liked all of the messages that were given. We invited her to church and told her that we wanted to start meeting with her more often. I guess in the past she has had a hard time keeping commitments, but this time around it is going to be different. We are going to show her that these commitments like living the word of wisdom and coming to church will only make her happy and allow her to feel the spirit more in her life. 
  This Sunday we had quite the adventure. Due to us covering two areas, we had to go to both wards meetings. In our ward we had to teach gospel doctrines, primary and priest quorum. It was a little crazy and we were all pretty tired after, but I am glad that the ward trusts us. Having the trust of the ward is so critical to missionary work! After that we went to the Trophy club ward. Their testimony meeting was awesome! All of the testimonies were focused around not giving up on the gospel and holding on to the spiritual experiences when doubt comes. It was awesome! It is always good to hear solid gospel principle centered testimonies that are born from the heart. We also had a good lesson in elders quorum. For the first part of it we talked a lot about Elder Packer. What a wonderful man he was, he did so much to help build God's kingdom here on the earth. I know he will be a powerful addition to help share the gospel to all those in the spirit world.
    Well I love you and am glad everyone had a good 4th of July weekend! Remember that the family is ordained of God and that nothing the world can do can destroy that. I am very grateful for a prophet on this earth, that will lead all who will listen to him safely back to our loving Heavenly Father.    

Love,Elder Griffin

 Picture of the terrific trio!  

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