Thursday, December 3, 2015

A little piece of heaven!

I got to go to Katy O'briens baptism this week! We were at a service
project and we got this call from an unknown number, we picked it up
and it was my old ward mission leader brother Madsen. He said that he
had emailed back and forth with President Ames and had gotten special
permission for me to go:) I was super pumped and very grateful that
President let me go! Brother Madsen drove all the way from Alliance to
pick us up and drive us to the baptism. Brother Madsen told me that
Katy did not know that I was coming, and that it was a surprise:) Also
on the drive down to the baptism he was telling us all of the things
that were happening to Katy before her baptism. Her mom told her that
she was never talking to her again and that she didn't support her,
and the day before her dog ran away, her kid got sick and while she
was cleaning a book shelf a book fell off (that was anti-mormon
literature) and fell open to a page that made her question her
testimony. Also as we were driving to the baptism there was a tornado
warning and this crazy storm with super intense dark clouds. We found
out later that a tornado actually did touch down in Richland Hills!
All of these things that Satan was throwing at her was such a
testimony builder to me that this really is the true church and that
the ordinance of baptism really is essential to our salvation. She is
such a strong and determined person and I know that God watched over
her and gave her strength during all of these things she had to go
through. The baptismal service went smoothly and the spirit was so
strong! I even had the special privilege of confirming her. It was one
of the most amazing experiences on my mission! They were both so
happy, and ready to start making there way towards the temple. Scott
told me that I better be at their sealing in 1 year, and I told him he
didn't have to worry about that:) It will be so incredible to be able
to see that family get sealed for all time and eternity. I can't wait!
There are such an amazing family, and I can't wait to see what
Heavenly Father has in store for them.
 This week we were also able to participate in a zone service
project. Once a month this church has this truck load of food and they
give it out to homeless people and other people in need. There were a
bunch of tables set up with boxes of fruits, bread, juice and fruits.
The homeless people would walk by the tables and we would fill there
bags and boxes full of food. Me and another elder got to help people
carry food to their cars. It was a great service project and we had a
lot of fun.
We were also able to teach some really cool people this week. The
first one was a less-active lady named Haley. We had dinner with her
and also had some really go discussions about the atonement and
repentance. She told us that she has a friend on a mission that has
really helped her want to come back to church. She really does have a
desire to come back to church and we can already see that she has
started to repent. Also her husband is not a member, and even though
right now he is not interested, it could be a good teaching
opportunity in the future. We are excited to work with her. She also
had this cool little parrot that would fly on to her husband's head
and just chill there. He also would take drinks from their cups! He
would perch on the lip of the cup and then dip his little beck into
the drink. It was super funny to watch. We were also able to have a
really good lesson with another less-active guy named brother Pine. He
hasn't been to church since he was a kid, but has really felt like he
needs to come back. After are lesson with him we committed him to come
to church and he actually came on Sunday! We are trying to get the
ward council on board with us, so we can get him some solid home
teachers. His wife is also not a member, but is a really sweet lady. I
think as she sees his example it will open her up to want to take the
missionary lessons. We truly have been blessed this week.
   Y'all are amazing, and I pray that each of you are safe and happy.
Have a great week!


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