Thursday, December 3, 2015


We have had a great week. We started it out with an awesome lesson
with Pete. We started out by following up with his scripture meeting.
He told us that he has read 19 chapters already and that he is loving
it! He also said that he prayed and asked if this was the church he
should join, and in the middle of the night he woke up and got his
answer. He now knows that Joseph Smith is a prophet:) Right after that
we committed him to baptism! He has such a humble heart and an open
mind. We are going to be talking to him about a date soon. This week I
also had the opportunity to go on exchange with a newer missionary,
elder Stakkland. He is an awesome missionary and knows how to work
hard! We were able to have a good visit with a lady and her daughter
who just got baptized in Saturday. Her parents were in town and so
they joined us for the lesson. During the dad bore a strong testimony
to her, it was awesome! It was cool, because the dad said that his
patriarchal blessing says that all of his children will join the
church. Robin, the daughter that is getting baptized, is there first
child to get baptized. I was a really neat experience.
 This Saturday night we also had a pretty cool experience. We didn't
have any appointments, so we were just visiting a bunch of potential
investigators and less active members. We weren't having very much
success and on top of that I got the hiccups and they wouldn't go
away. Well we knocked on this less active ladies house and she
answered finally! We started talking to her on her porch. I still had
the hiccups and she said we could come in and she would get me some
water. My hiccups got us inside, at least that's what I think:) Once
we were inside she told me to try this weird Louisiana trick, where
you hold your breath and think of seven bald men. As weird as it
sounds it actually worked! Well we started asking her about why she
stopped coming to church and she told us that she was converted when
she was 19. When she joined her mom pretty much disowned her. She
still continued to go to church and even decided to serve a mission!
Her ward was super awesome and one of the members let her live with
them. They also,  along with other members in her ward, payed for all
of her mission as well as her clothing. She said when she got back
from her mission her parents wouldn't even pick her up, her stake
president had to. She said that she finally decided that she wanted
her relationship back with her parents, so she stopped going to
church. I was a pretty sad story! It was really cool though, because
elder Smith had served in the ward she was baptized in, she got super
was an amazing lady, and I pray that her mothers heart will be
softened.Well I am out of time, but I love you all! Have a great week!

Love,Elder Griffin

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