Monday, January 4, 2016

Haley, Jaren and Brother Pine

It was fun to talk to you guys on Christmas! It was definitely one of the highlights of this year! I'm glad that you are all doing well and that you had a fun Christmas. 
 There are only a few things I will share this week, because I told most of the events that happened when I called on Christmas. First off, the weather has been pretty crazy down here in Texas! It was in the high 70's for the first part of the week and then this weekend it rained like crazy and it even hailed for a little bit. This morning it was super cold and got down in the 30s! Gotta love Texas weather! 
  This weekend we had some good lessons with less-active members. The first one was with Haley. For Christmas they got this super cute Great Dane puppy! We had a good lesson about the importance of reading the Book of Mormon. One of Haley's friends sat in on our discussion. He said he would be willing to read the Book of Mormon! He was a really nice guy. His name is Jaren. Hopefully we can meet with him again soon. Are other lesson was with brother Pine. We have been trying to get him back to church for a long time, but he has been struggling to come. We talked about the importance of not getting down on ourselves, but to instead keep trying and use the Atonement. He gave a really good closing prayer, and expressed gratitude for the fact that God is not forgetting him. Church is changing to 11, so that should help:)
  This week I was also able to have a really good exchange with elder Price in our zone. We had a full day of contacting all day, and were able to talk with a lot of good people. We were even able to hand out a couple of Book of Mormons. I learned a lot about the importance to teach at every opportunity. Right now elder Price is with a harder companion, but is doing a great job. He is leading the area and a lot of good things are happening for them. It is always a good experience to go on exchange and to learn how different elders do missionary work.
     Well I love you all and hope you are staying warm and safe this snowy season!


Elder Griffin

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