Monday, January 25, 2016

Referral adventures and Sweet Service

We started this week off by going on exchange with some elders in
our zone. I went with elder Wade, he was in my original MTC group. It
was fun to catch up with yuk and here about his mission experience. He
has grown a lot, it was really fun to see the missionary he has
become. On exchange we had a lesson with one of our investigators
named Ralph. He is about 60 years old and lives by himself. He is
super funny and can be hard to keep focused. We taught him the Ten
Commandments. He is learning them quite well. He always comments on
how he wants to go to Utah and marry a Mormon girl who keeps all of
the commandments:)
     This week we have also been trying to contact tones of referrals!
On Saturday we went on a referral road trip. We went all over Fort
Worth trying to contact referrals. It was quite the adventure. Our
referrals mostly come from and thatThe church has that offers a free
bible, and we as missionaries are the ones that drop off the bible.
The only problem is that our mission is really low on bibles right
now. We only had one bible, and almost 30 people who needed them. It
has been a bit crazy,  but it is keeping us plenty busy!
  We are also trying to work with the Binklies to get Junior and Emily
baptized. We stopped by the hotel they are living at and had a really
good talk with brother Binkley. He is such a stud! He told us how much
he loves the sacrament and how by taking it, he is able to bear all of
the trials and temptations that are put in his path. We are shooting
for February to get Junior and Emily baptized.
  This morning we were able to go to the city of Fort Worth's Martin
Luther King day of service. It was so neat! We started in the oldest
Black baptist church in Fort Worth, where we had a worship service. We
got to hear lots of people offer prayers, as well as sing some really
upbeat worship songs. There was this guy who would lead us in song, he
was a super good singer! It was a lot of fun to see how how different
religions worship. Following that we broke into groups and went to
different locations to participate in service. Elder Thomas and I went
to a Jewish Synagogue, where we were able to help put together meals
for hungry children. They had us work in shifts, and so while we were
waiting to take are turn in the assembly line the former President of
the Synagogue took us on a tour of the building. It was so beautiful!
The worship room was my favorite. It had super high ceilings and
amazing stained glass windows. We also got to see one of the Scrolls
they read from. It was all in Hebrew. It contained the first 5 Books
of Moses. He also told us that there were several other scrolls, some
were over 300 years old! It was a really cool experience. After that I
got to work in the assembly line as the bag sealer. I had this cool
machine I got to use to close off the bags. It was lots of fun. As a
group we ended up packaging over 10,000 bags of food in 2 hours! After
the service we all got back together and had a lunch. It was such a
neat experience to be with so many different religions who had all
come together to serve God.
This area has a lot of work that needs to be done, and a lot of people
that we can work with. It seems overwhelming sometimes, but I know
that as we trust in God and plan effectively lots of good things are
going to happen in River trails! There was a cool quote that I am
going to try and apply this transfer it goes like this "a lot of times
we sit back and wait for miracles to happen, when instead we need to
be the miracle." What a blessing it is to be born during the
Restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ! Have a great week:)


Elder Griffin

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