Thursday, March 24, 2016


This morning we decided to start our P-day by going on a trail run. We
went to the same place we hiked around at a couple of weeks ago. It
was so much fun!! It is such a blessing to have a companion who enjoys
physical fitness and the beauty of nature.
        All three of our baptismal dates are still good to go for the 19th of
March! We were able to have two good lessons with the Binklies this
week, as well as two good lessons with Ralph. The ward has been super
supportive and we have been able to bring a lot of awesome members to
the lessons with the BInklies, who have really been able to add to our
lessons and provide great fellowship. The ward also continues to be a
huge help to Ralph. They are creating a list of all of the things that
need to be done in his house, and will be helping get his house up and
running. They are hoping to make it into a service project.
  We were also able to have a great lesson with Charles! He had
emailed us a couple days before our lesson and told us a couple of
concerns he had with the Book of Mormon and other doctrinal things he
didn't agree with. We text him and told him that we would be able to
try are best to answer his questions. We went over to his house this
Saturday and he told us what his concerns were. After he was done
telling us about his concerns, I felt like we should teach him the
Apostasy. The lesson went really well, and he totally agreed that the
world had fallen into an apostasy. We also watched Joseph Smith's
first vision with him. He told us that he is going to have to do a lot
of studying and praying. He is also really big on going to God and
seeking truth from him. We told him that was exactly what we wanted
him to do! Charles also told us about his conversion to Christ and how
much his life has changed because of it, it was a very inspiring
story. Charles is a very sincere man, and I can see the light of
Christ in his eyes. We are continuing to prayer that he will receive a
witness of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. He is already close
to finishing 2 Nephi:)
  We were also able to meet with one of our investigators named Ray.
We had a lesson with him about the baptismal covenant as well as the
importance of taking the sacrament. We also extended a baptismal
invitation for the 23rd of April. He told us that his desire is to be
baptized, but that he would have to pray about the 23rd. He bore a
beautiful testimony of the reality of God and told us how grateful he
was for God's hand in his life.
  We have been so blessed in this area! God is providing many people
for us to teach, and I am so grateful for the opportunities he is
giving. He truly is aware of our needs and wants each one of his
children to have joy. I love you all and hope you have a safe week!
Elder Griffin

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