Thursday, March 24, 2016

Helping Ralph & cracked i-pads & dropped tvs

Today is the start of another transfer, and we learned that I will be
staying with elder Thomas for one more transfer! I haven't stayed with
a companion for more then 2 transfer for a while, so it will be a nice
  This week we learned quite a bit of sad news. Two of our
investigators, Larry and Lisa, are moving in a couple of weeks. Which
means that we they will probably get baptized in the new ward they are
moving to. We were pretty bummed, but they both fell like it is the
right thing to do. We are going to help make sure that the bishop and
missionaries in their new ward gets contacted, so that they are
prepared to receive Larry and Lisa. Hopefully they adjust well to
their new ward:)
  This week I also had another crazy things happen. We had just got
done teaching a recent convert, and we headed to the church to do some
last minute planning. As we got out of the car, I realized that I
didn't have my I Pad. I remembered putting it on the side of the truck
bed, but couldn't remember if I ever put it in the car. We drove back
to the neighborhood where we had taught the recent convert and found
it in the road. I picked it up. The case had a couple tears, but
nothing to bad. Then I opened the case and the screen was all cracked.
Elder Thomas looked at the back of it in the light and could see a
light tire mark. It had either fallen under our tire, or another car
had run it over:( It was pretty crazy, but luckily I was able to get a
loaner for the time being!
  This week we we had our zone council. I was pretty anxious going
into is, because I really wanted to make it a spiritual, unifying
expire nice for our zone. We got to the church and started setting up.
As we were setting up, we had grabbed a TV from the library to show a
video. We got the tv into the room and plugged it in. We realized that
we needed a different tv. I went to move the old tv, but for some
reason didn't remember to unplug it:) It starting fall off the stand
it was on. Luckily I was able to grab it with one hand, barley
stopping it from hitting the ground! Everyone was dying laughing, I
was just glad that I was able to stop it from hitting the ground! It
was a small tender mercy for sure. The rest of the zone council went
really well. Elder Thomas started out by giving a training on how to
simply teach our investigators the doctrine of the Godhead. It was a
great training and it generated a beautiful discussion. The nature of
God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost is one of the most important
things we teach and testify of as missionaries. Without a knowledge of
the nature and purpose of the Godhead, their would be no purpose of
use to come to earth, no need for a restoration and no way for us to
have happiness now, and happiness after death. What a blessing it is
to know that God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost are real and very
involved in our life's. Following his training, I was able to give a
training on how to resolve concerns of our investigators. We then took
what we learned and practiced teaching the Godhead to our companions.
it was awesome! We have an amazing zone:) The whole purpose of our
zone council was to help us becoming more persuasive teachers, so that
we can bring more people unto Christ. President Ames really wants us
to sharpen our teaching skills, because we were given a very powerful
blessing from elder Christoffernson when he came to our mission (He
came 2 months ago, I don't know if I told you about his visit. I can
never remember what I write in my journal and what I email you guys:))
This was part of the blessings he left us "That in our teaching we can
be more persuasive, more powerful and that your testimony will be
accompanied by the Holy Ghost, as well as your teaching, that our
teaching will reach people more than ever before. They have the right
to choose how they will respond [to our teaching and testimony] but
your witness can be strong enough that they cannot disbelieve it,
whatever they chose to do about it" What a powerful blessing! It was
super neat. I am so grateful that zone council went so well.
 We were also finally able to have a sit down lesson with Ralph! It
can be super hard to keep him focused, he loves to go on random
tangents. Saturday morning we went to the church and picked up a food
order for Ralph. We boxed up all the food and brought it to him. He
was super grateful. We then were able to teach him the power of
prayer. He made a lot of good comments and we were able to share unite
a few scriptures with him. We extended an invitation to have him pray
every morning and night. He accepted. It has been really hard to set a
baptismal date with him, because his house needs a lot of work and his
priorities are fixing his house. In PEC Sunday morning our bishop
decided that we are going to make Ralph's house a ward service
project. Bishop want's a list made of all of the things that need to
be done and then he is going to reach out to the ward and find someone
to fix each thing. It was awesome to see the ward get so involved with
someone who isn't even baptized! He even made the comment that they
aren't doing it because he might be baptized. It was so awesome! I
love this ward.
        Well I hope you all had a great Valentines Day, and showed someone a
little extra love:)

Elder Griffin

Here is my cracked i Pad

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