Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wonderful Meetings

This week was full of wonderful meetings! The first one we were able
to attend was zone conference. The focus of our zone conference was
becoming more persuasive teachers and how we can help our
investigators keep their commitments. One of the coolest parts of the
conference was when President Ames taught us all five of the
missionary lessons in 10 minutes and connected all of them together.
It was neat to be able to take a step back and see the whole picture.
It really strengthened my testimony of truthfulness of this gospel.
What an amazing message we have to share!
 The next meeting was the missionary leadership council on Friday. Our
focus in that meeting was the Atonement and the new Easter initiative
the church is going to be starting on March 13th. During the meeting
President showed a series of bible videos that included the triumphal
entry into Jerusalem, the suffering in Gethsemane, the different
trials, the crucifixion and the resurrection. He also bore his
testimony and shared his personal thoughts about the Atonement. The
spirt was so strong the whole time, and my love for the Savior grew a
lot. We then talked about how we can use the new Easter initiative to
share the Restoration and find new investigators. We talked about how
a lot of times we focus on the first vision when we talk about the
Restoration, but we have to also remember to always connect everything
we teach back to the Atonement. The Restoration fully activated the
Atonement of Jesus Christ, because of the Restoration we now know that
we need to have faith in Jesus Chrsit, repent, get baptized by someone
holding the very same authority that Jesus Christ, and then receive
the gift of the Holy Ghost that allows us to be cleansed and purified.
We then endure to the end, by continuing to keep the commandments and
the covenants we make. It was a great meeting!
  The Binklies are still doing great, and we are making good progress
with them. The ward has been great, and we have been able to bring
tones of different members over to fellowship. Ralph has had a pretty
rough week. His health is not doing so great, so please keep him in
your prayers! We were also able to see Charles. Last week he sent us
an email that had a lot of questions concerning some of our doctrine.
We looked over it and elder Thomas had the idea to share Alma 32 and
talk about having the faith to trust what we are teaching him and open
up a place in his heart where the spirit will be able to testify to
him concern the truths we are teaching him. We also shared the
articles of faith with him. It was good to help him simply state what
are major beliefs are. We also invited him to church, he wasn't able
to come this week, but he said he would love to come another week! He
is such a great man, and we always enjoy the visits with him.
        I wish you all a happy week!

Love, Elder Griffin

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