Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Exchanges and teaching truth to Chad, Zay & Maria

This week we were able to go on 3 exchanges! Two with our district
leaders and one with the assistants. I loved each one of them and was
able to learn a lot! I want to share a couple of experiences I had
while on these exchanges. The first one was on exchange with elder
Nielson. We had an awkward amount of time before one of their
appointments. I told elder Neilson that we should go out and try to
place a copy of the Book of Mormon. He said a prayer, and during his
prayer I felt the spirit and was confident that we would be able to
find someone to give the Book of Mormon to. We started biking. Elder
Nielson turned into a neighborhood and headed towards an open garage.
We started talking to a really nice man named Chad. He was working on
some sort of race car used for drag racing. We talked to him about his
hobby and then were able to share a Book of Mormon and a brief
Restoration lesson. It was a cool faith building experience. We had
expressed our desire in prayer that we wanted to place a Book of
Mormon, we then took action and God provided us with someone to teach.
The second experience I had was on exchange with elder Fowels. We went
to dinner at Subway, because I had been given a gift card (thank you
mom!) and our dinner had canceled. As we got in line to order our
sandwiches, I started making friendly conversation with one of the
workers, his name ways Zay. We eventually got talking about what we
did as missionaries. He were able to share a little bit about Joseph
Smith and the Book of Mormon with him and his co worker. Before we
left we shared a Book of Mormon with both of them and got down Zay's
information. It was a really neat experience and it taught me the
importance of being a full time missionary. That same day we were able
to give 3 more people Book of Mormons. One of the people we gave a
Book of Mormon to was a lady named Maria. She was a referral we
received. She was the most amazing lady! She bore her testimony about
the power of the Atonement and how Christ had changed her life. She
then shared several experiences where she had been a missionary to
those around her. She is also going to visit her brother soon who was
deported our of America into Mexico, due to drugs. She is going to go
and teach her bother about Jesus Christ, so that he to can experience
the change she went through. We gave her another Book of Mormon to
take to her brother as well as a Restoration and Plan of Salvation
pamphlet. She was so thankful. We are going to try and set up a time
to teach her when she gets back from visiting her brother:) Elder
Fowels was an amazing example to me during our exchange of being real
with people as well as being creative in our contact approaches. I was
very grateful for these exchanges. I always love to learn from other
missionaries and get new ideas!
        We were also able to go to a special leadership training this
Saturday that was lead by elder Foster of the seventy. As we were
shaking elder and sister Fosters hands, sister Foster recognized my
last name and asked if I knew any Griffins in Texas. I told her I had
and uncle named Gary and his wife Debbie. She got excited and told me
that they were Gary's mission President and wife! It was pretty sweet!
The training was amazing. He talked to us about what makes a leader,
and the importance of having a vision. I will share a cool chart he
shared with us. It was so inspiring to be able to be trained by him!
   It really was an amazing week that I will never forget! I love you
all and hope you are all doing the little things every day to get
closer to the Savior and to halved the spirit more abundantly in your


Elder Griffin

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