Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sharing Bible and Book of Mormon Scriptures about Christ

This week we had some good success with referrals we have received. The first one let us into her home and we were able to share a short message with her. Elder Meyers had a cool idea of reading a powerful bible verse about the Savior and then reading another powerful bible verse from the Book of Mormon. It was pretty awesome and the lady was pretty excited about the Book of Mormon. There really is powerful in the Book of Mormon and people can feel it! She has committed to read and pray about it. We set a return appointment to come and teach her the Restoration. She was so kind to us and thanked us for coming over. It is always a blessing to be able to go into people's homes and bring the spirit. We have also been doing a lot of less active work lately and are doing our best to keep all of our recent converts active and converted to the gospel. Luckily we have an amazing ward mission leader who magnifies his calling. He truly cares about every person we are working with and he is willing to do whatever it takes to help them. We have also had great support from the ward and have plenty of members who come out with us on exchanges. 
We also did quite a bit of service this week. We were able to help Ralph with his yard, I got to mow the lawn! We also helped a family in our ward move to a new apartment. We also went to a local food pantry and served at the animal shelter:) My favorite service we did was at a member of the Spanish wards house. He has a bunch of animals and we got to help him shovel dirt around a fence to keep out the critters. It was a full week, but I always enjoying serving.
         I want to share one more cool experience we had this week. We were trying to contact a referral to give her a bible she requested. As we were driving down the street we found the address and walked up to the door. A 18 year old girl answered the door and we asked her if "the referrals name" was there. She didn't know who that was. I looked at the side of the house and it was the wrong address! Well we started talking to her about the Book of Mormon and invited her to read. She also expressed that she believes in science and wasn't sure if their was a God. I read her a few versus out of the Book of Mormon and testified of the reality of a loving Heavenly Father. She was a really cool and we are going to be seeing her this week to teach her more about the Restoration. It was a small little miracle. I'm glad that we were lead to her house. I love you all and hope everyone is doing well!


Elder Griffin 

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