Friday, July 1, 2016

Chicken Poo Water :P

We have been trying a lot harder to talk with
everyone/participate in more personal contacting. My goal as of
recently is to be fearless in my sharing of the gospel. For some
reason I still feel a little fear/anxiety to talk with everyone, but I
know that as I continue to put forth the effort that it will only get
easier. This last Monday we were contacting a referral and as we were
getting back into the car we noticed a guy across the street breaking
down some boxes. At first I I did not really want to go and talk to
him and get into the car. Luckily it only took me a couple more
seconds to realize that I needed to talk to him. We went over and got
into a conversation with him and found out that he had just gotten out
of jail and that his brother was still in their. We were able to share
the story of Joseph Smith's experience as well as the Book of Mormon.
We testified that it would be able to bring more purpose to his life
and committed him to put Moroni's promise to the test. His two sisters
and him accepted.
 We were  also able to have another lesson with a girl named Denise.
We shared the restoration with her and again were able to re-commit
her to read the Book of Mormon. The whole lesson I got the feeling
that she really wan't that interested, and I came to the conclusion
that it was because she still did not believe in the very first
principle of the Restoration, that God is real and is our loving
Heavenly Father. If a person is still trying to figure out for
themselves the nature and reality of God, then in their eyes, why
would their need to be a prophet, the Book of Mormon and Priesthood
authority. This basic principle is so important. We committed her to
pray and ask God if he is real and if her loves her. She accepted. We
are going to be meeting with her this next week. Denise really taught
me the importance of teaching to the needs of the investigators.
        This week we were also able to have a good lesson with an over aged
child named  Maddie. She is 11 years old and is a little shy, but is a
really sweet girl. For our lesson we finished teaching the
Restoration. Her father, a returned missionary, is a huge help when it
comes to teaching her. He is really good at teaching the principles of
the gospel simply, by using analogies to help her understand. It's
awesome, he is such a good teacher! We also brought an exchange with
us and he was a great help as well. That same night we had a great
lesson with the Binkley kids on Faith and repentance. They are the
smartest kids, and are fun to teach. They are also big Pokemon fans,
which made me think of Duncan:) I think buddy would be good friends
with them.
  This week we also got to go back to that small ranch that the member
owned and were able to do more service. We helped him rebuild a
chicken cop thing that his dogs live in. We also helped him put more
dirt around one of his chicken cages. While I was pouring dirt against
the fence I slipped and fell in this puddle of chicken poo water:) It
was pretty gross! Luckily I was in my service shoes!
  I love you all, and I am so grateful for the phone call yesterday.
It was so fun to hear from all of you and to hear that you are all
doing so well. I really do have the best family ever:) Have a great

Love, Elder Griffin

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