Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Color run, Cameron, & New Mission Pres

So far the 4th of July has been pretty awesome. A member invited us
to go do a color run with them this morning on Fort Hood. It was so
fun! We were literally covered in different colored chalk:) When we
got done we helped hand water out to all of the runners finishing. We
also ran into a less-active YSA member who was playing in the army
band, he plays the trumpet like a boss! He was super cool and told us
he has been thinking about coming back to church. We got down his
number and will be inviting him to all of YSA activities:) We also
meet this cool lady who handed out water bottles with us, she said she
could help us get involved with more service actives. It was a very
productive Color Run! We also got to go to a BBQ, that was put on by a
member in one o f the wards in our stake. They feed missionaries every
4th of July. They had really good food, my favorite was the homemade
        This week we had some awesome lessons. We got to go and teach Cameron
again with the priest in our ward. We taught the Pre-mortal life and
showed this sweet video that brings the spirit every time. It's
actually from the children's New Testament. I love it, because it's so
simple and testifies that we really did live with our Heavenly Father.
We also had a really good exchange with our YSA elders quorum
president. We first went to went to try and visit a less-active member
and ended up running into another YSA aged dude that just moved here.
We started talking to him and found out that he was really in to
basketball. He used to be really good and was even going to play for
Duke! He was a little shorter then me and he told us that he could
dunk! His vertical was over 35 inches!! He said he was looking for a
church, we love when people say that, so we gave him a Book of Mormon
and invited him to the YSA pool party. We also have an appointment
this week to go and teach him! Then that evening we went to Central
Texas College, to and teach Aaron's class mate. His name is John. We
decided to teach him the Plan of Salvation, because his grandma had
past away. There was also this blind guy that decided to join in the
lessons. He was a really cool guys, but was made a lot of comments and
was pretty distracting. He was also super touchy and feely and kept
grabbing and rubbing elder Mohrmann's arm. It was super awkward, Elder
Mohrmann is a very patient person:) We taught about the spirit world
and told him where his grandmas was. We also talked about the judgment
and the 3 kingdoms. He agreed with almost everything we taught. He
will also be coming to church this Sunday.
        This week President Ames left:( He is a wonderful man and has been a
big part of my life. I will miss him dearly! We got to meet the new
mission President this Saturday. He is an older man from Washington
down in Southern Utah. He is a very compassionate and tender man. He
is also super funny! He is going to be a great mission President. He
has been a stake President and a ward mission leader (for 7 years) so
he knows all about missionary work:) Sadly I will only get to be with
him for a few more weeks.
        I love you all and hope you have a super fun 4th of July!! What a
blessings it is to be  in this country.
Love, Elder Griffin

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