Friday, July 22, 2016

Go, go, go

This week has been a go, go , go week! Every day was very busy and
has been full of finding, teaching and testifying:) I will share a
couple highlights from the week.
        On Tuesday night we went on a double exchange. This is where elder
Mohrmann and I go with a different member, in order to visit more
people. I went with a brother from the Cove 1st ward named brother
Hirsch. Our first visit was to go give a blessing to a lady who was
about to have surgery. Well I anointed and the brother administered
the blessings. It was a beautiful blessing, and it was exactly what
she needed to hear. After the blessings she broke down and started
weeping telling us all that she is going through right now. We did our
best to listen and brother Hirsch gave her words of counseling. He is
a social working, so that helped a little bit. It was so sad to see
how much pain she was in emotionally, spiritually and physically. That
poor family has been through so much! It was amazing to me how she has
been able to stay strong through all of the horrible things she is
going through. We did our best to testify about the power of the
atonement, but it didn't seem to help too much:( As we left I was
feeling pretty down, but we prayed and asked Heavenly Father to bless
that family and watch over them. Due to our visit with this family
going over, we didn't have time to drive over to our other
appointment, so elder Mohrmann and his member went to the appointment.
We decided to go and try by a former investigator named Abby. They
ended up being home and they invited us in. Gabby is a sweet little
girl who is 11 years old. She also has a younger sister. We read the
account of the Savior visiting the Americas and talked a lot about the
importance of baptism. They were super smart kids and soaked it all
in. At the end of the lesson Gabby gave a beautiful closing prayer. We
will be teaching her again this next week. This lesson was exactly
what I needed to left my broken spirits. I am so thankful that God
lead us to this family.
        Also this week we were able to teach part of institute for the YSA
branch. Our part of the lesson was on becoming instruments in the
hands of God. It went really well and there were lots of cool comments
given and experiences shared. At the end of our lesson we invited
everyone to think of one person they could share the peace of the
gospel with. Well one of the members, James, did just that and invited
his buddy from the army to come to church this Sunday! His name is
Jake. He loved church and even accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon.
Jake told us that he always admired who Christ like James was, and was
interested in learning about the Mormon faith. We our going to start
teaching him the missionary lessons this Tuesday. He is really open
and ready to learn! That same Sunday another one of our investigators
named John came to church too! Aaron went and picked him up and
brought him. He loved it and commented on how reverent our services
were. He also sang all the sacrament songs, even though he had never
heard them before. It was cool to see him jump right in! I know he
felt the spirit. Aaron told us when they were driving back that John
said this might be a church he wants to join. Yay baby! Jake and John
are wonderful people and I am excited to continue to work with them.
That's one of the things I love about this gospel. All you have to do
is extend a simple invitation and then let the truthfulness of the
message we share work within their hearts!
        This is a wonderful gospel and I love the happiness it brings into my
own life and the lives a get to touch while here on my mission. Have
an awesome week!


Elder Griffin

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