Sunday, July 3, 2016

Weeding at the library

This last Monday evening we had an awesome FHE with our YSA group. We
got to go to a bowling alley with them. The event was a great success!
We had 41 people there which is really good. We also had at least 3
non members and a couple less actives:) It was the perfect activity to
fellowship. That is one of my favorite things about being in a YSA
branch, it's a lot easier for members to invite their friends too, and
that age group is a lot more open. We are hopefully going to start
teaching this guy name Christopher, who came to the bowling activity.
  This week we also had the opportunity to go and do service at the
library. It was a tone of fun. I love the feeling you get when your in
libraries, it's very peaceful and quite. Our job was to do something
called "Weeding". It's where you have a list of old books and you go
and locate them and take them off of the shelf, in order to make room
for new books. It was a lot more fun then actually weeding:) The
librarians are also very nice people, and we look forward to serving
more with them.
  The two people we are teaching are doing great! The nine year old
girl finally came to church this week! We got to church yesterday and
she wasn't there, so we gave her grandpa a call and found out that
something had come up. Well that didn't stop us from getting her to
church! We called a member that lived close to her and the member went
and picked her up. She had a great time at church and the ward members
were so good to her! The young women's president even order her a
Children's Book of Mormon and she loved it! She has a baptismal date
for July 2nd:) The other man we are teaching is also doing pretty
good. He has been meeting with missionaries for quite some time now,
but has always had trouble with take action and getting baptized. We
have had some really spirited filled lessons, but he still has fear
and has not committed to a date. Well the last time we taught him we
really focused on committing him to read from the Book of Mormon and
pray. The member we brought with us was awesome! We also had this same
member, brother Woods, follow up with our investigator during the
week. When we came back to teach him yesterday he had actually read
and prayed! He had a really open conversation with us and told us that
he was in the middle of making a lot of difficult decisions. We
focused on having faith and talked about how faith is a principle of
action. I also used that story you shared with me mom about the
firefighters and how God is always waiting for us, we just have to put
forth the effort to find him. We committed him to pray for the courage
to set a date and that we were going to set a date next time we meet
with him. He is so close to getting baptized! We are praying he gets
his answer. If he only knew how much happier he would be if he got
baptized and received  the gift of the Holy Ghost.
        I love you all and hope everyone has a safe week with all the

different activities!  Love, Elder Griffin

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