Sunday, July 3, 2016

Baking in Texas

This week I had the chance to go on two exchanges. The first one was with elder Everett. During our exchange we had a wonderful Book of Mormon study with a really nice lady named Grandam Helen. We read in Mosiah where it talks about wicked king Noah and Abinadi. It was a perfect story to read, because we were able to teach and testify about the importance of prophets. The second one was with elder Mcaninch. They were both great exchanges. It is a blessing to have two wonderful zone leaders. I learned a lot from elder Mcaninch. We had the chance to place 4 Book of Mormons while on exchange, as well as have a really good lesson with a part member family. We taught the doctrine of church. We also brought an awesome member with us. He has a really strong testimony and he knew his scriptures really well. It is always so powerful to have the testimony of a member in your lesson. We committed them to church and they said they would be there. 

This week we also had the opportunity to do serve a member in our ward. The opportunity was with the Coleman family. The family that Grandpa Griffin saw in the temple:) They were putting in a cement  back patio. It was super hard work and it was incredibly hot! I loved every moment of it though and was grateful that we were able to help this family out. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you are working hard. We also were able to serve at the library again and got to know a couple of the librarian ladies. They are all super nice and I am grateful for our developing friendship. 

We went to institute this week and it was a great success. There were over 25 people there! There was also a non member named Javan. We were able to share a Book of Mormon with him and give him a Plan of Salvation pamphlet. He had a family member die pretty recently and he has been looking for ways to cope with it. The gospel really is the only way to truly feel peace and get the most answers to our questions. I pray he read the Book of Mormon and feels the power of its words enter in to his life. 


Elder Griffin 

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