Sunday, July 3, 2016

Last Transfer!!!

It truly is crazy that I have now started my last transfer of my
mission! We learned this morning that I will be staying here and my
companion will still by elder Mohrmann:) I am very grateful for both
of these things. We are both excited to being staying together for 6
more weeks, because there is so much potential in this area. We are
both determined to keep running and working as hard as we can and we
know that we will continue to see miracles in Copperas Cove Texas.
        This week was one of the busiest/productive weeks of my mission! It
felt so good last night, to be able to look back at our week and know
that we worked hard. This Monday night we did a family home evening
with the Davis family. We had a lesson on the Liahona,and related it
to the need for divine guidance in our lives such as prophets and the
wonderful gift of the Holy Ghost. We then played that fun game where
you have the string with golf balls on the end of it and you have to
throw it over the pipe thing. It was a lot of fun, they are a really
good family. The next day we had an awesome lesson with a kid named
Cameron. He was the one that me and my zone leader found street
contacting. We brought a priest from our ward on exchange, because he
knew Cameron from school. My favorite part of the lesson is when we
were teaching the true nature of God, that he is literally our father
and has a body like ours. (perfected and glorified) You could see the
light turn on in his head, and you could tell that it made sense to
him. The beauty of teaching truth. We have another appointment with
him tomorrow night. It was also fun to have the priest with us, he is
excited to continue to teach Cameron with us.

        This week we also had a lot of time to hit the streets and talked
with everyone. I have such a strong testimony of talking with
everyone. We were able to meet some wonderful people. I'll share two
small experiences. The first one came right before we were going to
have dinner with a family. We got to their house 15 minutes early, so
we decided to go and talk to this guy we saw in his garage working
out. He told us that the doctor told him he was about to get diabetes,
and that he would have to start taking shoots. He asked the doctor to
give him one more chance. Well I can tell you he totally took that
chance! Every day he lifts his weights in his gym and runs up and down
this hill twice. He does his same little routine for 45 minutes! He
said he lost like 35 pounds in 90 days! On top of that he is over 50
years old. He was pretty motivated. We were able to share a Book of
Mormon with him. We then went to dinner, and told our dinner about
giving out the Book of Mormon to one of their neighbors. The wife
totally know the guy and was excited that we gave him a Book of
Mormon. She is going to be following up with his reading! Go members:)
Then this Saturday we were out street contacting and meet this amazing
lady named Brooke. We talked to her for about 45 minutes all about the
importance of families. Family was very important to her, she really
loves her family. She had a lot of similar values as us, she would
make an awesome member! We were able to share the Family: A
proclamation to the world with her as well as the Book of Mormon. She
expected both and told us that she would share them with her husband.
I really hope she will let us come back and teach her family.

        We also had a really good exchange with our new branch mission
leader, our relief society president and her sister who is a recently
returned missionary. They are all incredible people and are a lot of
fun to be around. For the exchange we had a list of people that we
wanted to visit and invite them to come back to church. The second
person we tried ended up being asleep, but his brother was home and
was not a member. He told us that he had been to church a couple of
times and had meet with missionaries before. He stared asking a lot of
questions and then eventually let us in. We talked a lot about the
importance of prophets and the importance of the Book of Mormon. We
also testified that this was Christ's restored church on the earth
today. He talked a lot bout what his goals were in life. He wanted to
get married and have a family and find a good job, both of which are
righteous desires. If he accepts the gospel, it will help him reach
these goals and allow him to achieve even more things that God has in
store for him. All he has to do is read and pray. It's that simple! It
was a really neat teaching setting, because the three members who came
with us are all returned missionaries and all bore testimony of the
Restoration and Book of Mormon. It was awesome! We have a meeting with
him next week.
        Well I am grateful everyone is having fun this summer and staying
plenty busy. What a wonderful time to be a member of the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Yes the world is vey wicked, but we
have the truth. We know God lives and is very aware of who we are and
what we are facing. Trust him and look to His son. The world needs our
)This is brother Bruellisauer. He is super cool! He has a ton of sweet guns:)

examples! I love y'all:

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