Friday, July 1, 2016

Paulette the Zoo Keeper:)

This week has been very busy! Saying goodbye to a ward you love and
then trying to adjust to a new ward is quite the emotional roller
coaster! The Tuesday before transfers we had one last zone service
project at a lady's house named Paulette. We helped her paint a bunch
of lawn furniture, helped cut her grass and did a lot of other yard
work. Paulette was a super nice lady, she ended up feeding the whole
zone! It was good food too.  Paulette used to be a zoo keeper, and due
to that she had some pretty sweet animals. She has two giant
tortoises, a peacock and ring tailed Lemurs!! I will attach pictures:)
It was pretty sweet. It was a great way to end the transfer, I truly
will miss the Hurst zone and all of the missionaries I got to serve
around. They are incredible.

        So I am not actually white washing, elder Mormann has been here for 6
weeks. Im pretty happy that I don't have to white wash! It would have
been fun, but it relieved  a tone of stress:)Both wards (the YSA is
actually a branch) are awesome! There are a lot of cool members to
love and serve! Elder Mohrmann and I have already seen quite a few
miracles in this area. The first one came on Friday night. We were
feeling a little down and I was feeling some anxiety about the area.
Well that night we went to teach a man who was excommunicated and is
now going to be baptized again. He is a super nice man! He actually
grew up in Big Springs and I believe he know the Jones family. As we
were teaching him, his daughter came in and told us that she had been
talking to her daughter who is 9 about baptism. The daughter said she
would love to be baptized! We are going to get in touch with them this
week and set up an appointment to start teaching her:) It was such a
tender mercy and it lifted our spirits. The next day we had the chance
to go sing hymns for an older folks home. The Copperas Cove 2nd
sisters joined us. It was a little uncomfortable at first, but once
you forget yourself and started focusing on the people you were
singing too and really show them that you loved them through your eyes
and smiles it turned out to be pretty good experience. After the
service we eat lunch and then went out to try by a couple
potentials/formers. As we were trying to visit them, we talked with
everyone and were able to give out 3 Book of Mormons. We meet some
cool people. There was this one lady named Patty who was super nice to
us. We talked to her for a while and ended up teaching her about the
Book of Mormon and part of the Restoration. She was pretty interested
and was excited when we gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon. We have
a return appointment with her this Saturday.  We also ran into a less
active man on the same street. We were walking down it and we heard
"hey elders". We started talking to him and found out that he hadn't
been to church in a while, mostly due to his service in the army.  He
was super cool. His wife and two girls are converts. We set up a time
to go see them, we are going to do our best to get them to church.The
last tender mercy happened last night. We went on exchange with a
member of the YSA, named Brandon. He is an awesome member missionary.
We went to this apartment complex to visit an investigator. As we were
knocking the door a guy to the left of us sitting outside his door
asked what church we were from. We told him and then talked to the
lady we were going to see. We set up an appointment with her and then
decided to go talk to the guy. He had gone inside, so we went to knock
on his door. I asked the member if he had ever given a Book of Mormon
out and he said he had not. I asked him if he would be up to giving
one to the man, and he agreed. Well he knock on the door and a
different, younger guy answered. It happened to be a buddy that our
member had played football with! He accepted a Book of Momron and even
said he might come to church. It was a pretty neat experience. God has
been really good to us this week! I have a good feeling about this
area. I testify that God answered prayers and that he wants each and
everyone of us to be happy and to have joy and success. Have an
awesome week!


Elder Griffin

P.S. Congrats on getting your eagle Nate!!! Also congrats to Jake on

getting his mission call to Mexico City:)

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