Monday, July 25, 2016

Jake and John staying strong!

Jake and John are still doing wonderful. They have both came to
church now three times. We still haven't set a date with John, but we
did have a good lesson this week on Christ's earthly ministry and we
went over the Restoration again. He definitely believes it, and is
praying to know if the Book of Mormon is true and if Joseph Smith is a
prophet. Jake is still progressing and doing really well! He is
literally counting down the days until his baptism. Yesterday we told
him about the Word of Wisdom and law of chastity and he agreed to live
them both, which is always a huge blessing! He is getting baptized the
Saturday before I go home, and I get to baptize him:) It will be a
great way to end my mission.
        This Saturday we also had a pretty cool experience. We didn't have
any lesson in the afternoon, so we went out to try and visit a couple
different folks. As we were knocking on this one ladies door, we
noticed her next door neighbor was out on her porch, so we went up to
talk to her. She told us that she had talked with missionaries in
Alabama and had really liked what we taught about repentance. She said
that just yesterday she had been thinking about the steps of
repentance the missionaries had taught her, but she couldn't really
remember them. We gave her a pamphlet that had all the steep in it and
testified to her about the importance of all of the steps in the
gospel of Jesus Christ. She loved and asked where we went to church.
God really does love his children and knows what each one of them
need. She ended up actually being in the sister missionaries area, but
it was still cool that we got to share that simple message with her.
After her we were able to contact a former investigator we have been
trying to get ahold of. Her husband/boyfriend has been in jail, and so
he hadn't been able to cut their grass. We ran to a members house and
did a little service for her. We have a lesson with her this Saturday,
we are hoping to have it in a members home. She is pretty close to a
family in our ward. It was awesome. '
        We also were able to attend the baptism of two 8 year old children
this last Saturday. We had been teaching the lessons to both families.
Elder Mohrmann got to baptize the little boy and I got to confirm him.
It was a wonderful experience. They are both awesome kids!
        I love you guys, have a great week!

Elder Griffin

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