Sunday, July 3, 2016

Youth Blitz & Title of Liberty

This week we were able to have a cool experience in our district
meeting. A member in our ward, who has cerebral pasly. He came and
shared his story of how he was able to over come this challenge. He
ended up going on a mission and now has a beautiful family. He is the
happiest man and is always laughing! It was a neat experince to be
able to hear his story. He testified over and over again about the
grace of Jesus Christ and how He was always their for him. He shared
some pretty incredible stories! This week we were also able to have a
youth blitz with our ward. We all meet at the church Wednesday night
and then split up into groups. One missionary went with a different
group and went to visit different families. It was great to see
everyone get excited to go out and rescue those who are lost. We also
had an awesome experince this Tuesday night with a less active family.
The family his really in to war and the freedom for our country, so we
decided to read in Alma 46 where it talks about the title of Liberty.
We went around the room and took turns reading, we would also discuss
different verses. As we finished the chapter their 25 year old son who
has not read his scriptures in probably years and does not take part
in churchy things, put his hand on his chest and said he felt
something! We quickly were able to testify to him that he was feeling
the spirit. It was so cool to see him get excited about feeling the
spirit! It might have been the first time he had really felt the power
of the Holy Ghost. It was a really cool experince and it helped build
my testimony of the Book of Mormon. It really is from God and does
continue the words of Christ. It continues a power/spirit that is
comparable to no other book. I love helping people see/feel the
importance of reading from its pages. We are going to have weekly Book
of Mormon studies with them. We are pretty excited!


Elder Griffin

A really cool senior couple, the Boyntons

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