Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pres Ames Interview, Rescue visits & Elder Cardon

This week we had interviews with President Ames. It was my last one
with him! I had a beautiful interview with him and I left with more
energy and a feeling of peace and love in my heart. He is an
incredibly inspired man and has so much love for God and for his
missionaries. I will miss him very much. He has played a big part in
my life and I will never forget him!
  This week we also had awesome rescue visits (where we go and visits
less-active families in the ward) with our ward mission leader and
another brother in our ward. I had the chance to go with our ward
mission leader. We first tried by a couple of people by had no
success. The success we did have came in between visits. The first
teaching opportunity we had came as we were walking back to our car.
We saw an older lady getting out of her car and we went up and talked
to her. We were able to share the Book of Momron with her as well as
pray with her. She was a very sweet lady and I hope she feels the
peace and hope that reading the Book of Mormon brings. Our other
opportunity came as we were driving to one of the families we were
going to visit. We drove by this house were a man was playing outside
with his dog. As we passed his house our ward mission leader said he
had a feeling that we should go and talk to the man. He said that he
had another Book of Mormon in his house that we could go and grab. We
stopped by one more person and then went and grabbed the Book of
Mormon. When we went back to his house it had gotten dark and he had
gone inside. We decided to knock his door anyways. He answered the
door and our ward mission leaders shared the Book of Mormon with him.
I was then able to bear testimony to him that this is Christ's
restored church back on the earth again. It was a really cool
spiritual experience to have with our ward mission leader. We are
hoping to teach him in the near future. I am grateful for the
prompting of the Holy Ghost and for a Ward mission leader who listens
to those promptings.
  We also had our stake conference this weekend. Elder Cardon of the
seventy came to our stake conference and was amazing! He was a
powerful speaker, and is very in tune with the spirit. He taught about
how important it is that we have true doctrine in our church, and that
having faith in true principles of the gospel and applying them is the
only way you can obtain real salvation. He also testified of the
importance of following the Holy Ghost in all aspects of our lives. He
told some pretty cool stories of how he taught his children to follow
the whispers of the Holy Ghost. It was such a blessing to be able to
hear from elder Cardon!
  Well I think that is about it for this week! I love you all and
testify that this really is the only true and living church on the
face of the earth.

Love,  Elder Griffin

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