Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Arlington & Chelsy the car

Ward Mission Leader and Family in Woodland Springs

This last week was a little crazy, but I loved every moment of it! It
started with a good last P-day in Woodland Springs, and then we went
and said good bye to the O'briens. It was really hard, but I know that
I will be able to see them again someday and hopefully I will be able
to go to Katy's baptism:)
 My new companion is elder Smith. He has been out for 21 months, so
he is nice and seasoned! He is a great missionary, and we have had
tones of fun these last couple of days. I has been such a blessing to
have a companion who knows how to do missionary work. He is from
California, and is a super funny guy. I have a feeling like this is
going to be a really good transfer.
 So far I am really liking my new area. We have already gone on a
couple of member exchanges, and all of the member we have gone out
with are awesome. We have been able to visit some pretty cool people
and it is getting me excited to be able to teach them and serve them.
Also elder Smith and his old companion baptized a 17 year old named
Ja'quintman the day before transfers, isn't that the coolest name you
have ever heard, he seems like a really good young man. We are working
on getting him home teachers  and making sure that we help him develop
a relationship with the young men. I also meet a cool recent convert
how is coming up on his year mark of being baptized. He is so cool,
and has a great love for this gospel. He is working on preparing to go
to the temple and he is super excited. He has some health problems,
but is still one of the happiest people I know. Right now we also have
a baptismal date with another 17 year old named La'marcus. We had a
short lesson with him this week and talked about baptism and talked to
him about us teaching him the rest of the missionary lessons. He has a
great desire to learn. He also works at Smoothie King, so hopefully we
can get some sweet discounts on smoothies!!
 This week we also had quite an adventure with our car, which we
named Chelsy:) The first day I got hear, we went over to this
neighborhood in our area to visit some people and do some street
contacting.  Well after working for a couple of hours we started
walking back to the car. As we walked up to the car, elder Smith
noticed that the driver door didn't look like it was shut all of the
way. He then looked down and saw that the driver side door was smashed
in! Apparently someone had backed into us and then drove away. The
door was so smashed, that we couldn't get it open. Well we called the
mission office and then called the police. They were super busy,and it
took the cop an hour and a half to get there! We had to fill out tones
of paper work stuff and had to send in pictures of the smashed door.
After that we took it to get an estimate at a car shop. They told us
that they would have to replace the whole door. Also after the car got
hit, the car would make these occasional jerking motions when we would
speed up and slow down. We took it in to the dealership, but they said
they wouldn't be able to work on it until Monday, so we decided to
just wait until Monday to take it in. Well the jerking got worse and
more frequent. There was even one point where we were pushing the has
pedal and the RPM dial was going up, and you could hear the engine
revving but there car was only going like 10 miles an hour. After it
did that we decided to just take it in. Well as we were getting on to
this frontage road it did it again! The speed limit was 40 and it
wasn't letting us go over 10. Luckily we were pretty close, so we just
kept revving it until we turned into the dealership. It was pretty
crazy! We get to be on bikes for a week, but this area is pretty easy
to bike in. It has been quite the adventure with this car:)
 I hope everyone has a happy Fallish week!!


Elder Griffin

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