Monday, October 26, 2015

"That's my son, and I love him" story

We started out this week by having interviews with President Ames. It
was kind of stressful at first because we had to fill about 3 hours of
time with trainings, but it ended up going really well. Most of the
trainings were focused around building relationships with the bishop
and ward council. We also had a really good council about how we can
better place copies of the Book of Mormon. Our mission is again having
a Book of Mormon challenge. We are reading 20 minutes everyday and
placing one copy of the Book of Mormon everyday. We are hoping to hand
out 8,500 by Christmas.  Our mission President has three things that
are important when placing Book of Mormon: I know,(bear testimony)
will you, (commit them to read and pray) and when can we follow up on
your reading. It's so simple, but a powerful approach to placing Book
of Mormons.   We had some really good discussions. I love this zone
already, we have a lot of amazing missionaries.
   This week we also had the chance to go on exchange with the
assistants. I got to go with elder Tanner in his area. We had an
amazing exchange! We were able to teach a recent convert as well as
two of their investigators. My favorite lesson we taught was with this
guy named Mike. He has struggled with drug addictions for a long time,
but is doing his best to clean up his life. During our lesson with him
the spirit was really strong and elder Tanner bore his testimony to
him and told him that God needs him to be in the church so that he can
be a missionary to those people who have similar struggles. During our
lesson I could feel that this man was going to get baptized, and I am
almost positive that he felt the same witness. I love the hope the
gospel brings into people's lives that are lost and in a bad place. It
was a wonderful lesson to be part of. Also during the exchange this
member meet us at a fast food restaurant to have dinner with us. When
the member got there we noticed he had another man with him, and I
just assumed it was his friend. Well as we got our food and started
eating we asked how they knew each other. They told us that they had
meet only 20 minutes ago. The man, whose name is Cory, told us that he
had been coming home from work on the bus and had missed his regular
stop for some reason. He started walking home in the rain. The member
saw Cory walking home and asked him if he could give him a ride. What
an awesome member!! Elder Tanner started teaching him about the gospel
using a temple pass-a-long card and then transitioned it into the Book
of Mormon. Cory said he would love a copy to read. He then went on to
tell us that he believes that this meeting happened for a reason. He
said that he had gotten out of jail a little while ago and was now on
parol for the next 5 years. He decided that he needed to change his
life. We got his contact information down and will be giving it to the
elders where he lives. It is so cool to see God's hand working in this
man's life. If he wouldn't have missed his stop, and if that member
would not have offered a ride this man would have missed the
opportunity to hear the gospel. It was a pure miracle!
  This week we were also able to attend our stake conference. We had a
member of the 70 attend. The Saturday night session was amazing and
the spirit was so strong. President Ames spoke and shared 3 very
inspiring stories about following the spirit. I want to just share one
that was very touching. He said that he was out visiting investigators
with some missionaries and had gotten soaked from the rain. He had an
hour before he was going to go out with another set of missionaries
and he decided to go to the gas station to get something to eat and
dry off a little bit. While he was there he say a man who looked
homeless. He got a prompting to buy this man lunch. At first he
ignored it and went in to dry off. After drying off he came back out
side and he didn't see the man anymore. Then off to the right he saw
the man making his way towards the dumpster. President Ames finally
decided to follow the prompting and went and bought him something to
eat. When he offered it to the man he at first kindly refused saying
that he didn't want to take his lunch from President, but President
told him that he had bought it for him. The man was very grateful.
After excepting the food the man looked at President's name tag and
asked if he could pray with him. President Ames put his arms on the
man and prayed with him. As he was getting back into his car he heard
a voice in his head say "That is my son, and I love him" It was such a
powerful story about the reality of God and how much he loves each one
of his children. There was also a man who got in a car wreck and it
ended up paralyzing him. He told us off his experience
and how he was able to get through it and still stay positive. It was
so inspiring! It was an incredible conference:)
  This has been such a great week and I have truly been spiritually
charged! I love you all and hope you have a happy Halloween!


Elder Griffin

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