Friday, September 5, 2014

Answers to my questions and Letter Week 4

The hardest thing I had to do this week was 
Ride my bike in 103 degree weather :)

My favorite thing about my companion 
He is really good at planning and teaches with power.

For breakfast I like to eat granola.

I was happy this week when taught some investigators about the restoration.

My knee is feeling pretty good, I went on a run and it was pretty sore.

I wish my mom would send me my frisbee jersey and a hoodie.

One of the coolest people I’ve met in Texas is Brother Jorgenson and this cute family named the Websters.

If I could describe my mission president in 2 words I would say he is loving and inspired.

My least favorite thing about Texas is that I get super sweaty!

I felt the spirit this week when I helped give a less active member a blessing.

My apartment is air conditioned and has a pull up bar;)

I love my Mom more than she could ever imagine!!!

Letter than came by mail Sept 5th 2014:
Hey Family, I don't have the use of the computers today, so I thought I would write you!  This week has been great!  I got to go on an exchange with the zone leader on Tuesday.  I was kind of nervous at first, but it turned out to be great.  I went with Elder Ostland, he has been out of a year and 3 months.  The only problem was that his area is Spanish!  Luckily most of the people we visited spoke at least some english.  We started out by meeting with a man who has been reading the Book of Mormon, but couldn't make it to church due to his work schedule.  We read with him from the Book of Mormon and we talked about Lehi's vision.  After that we had the chance to go to a pizza buffet with a member. They had this really good cheese pizza! Following dinner we visited a 16 year old girl, and tried to help her develop a love for the scriptures.  She doesn't like to read because she says she gets bored.  We decided to read Lehi's vision again and show her how awesome the scriptures can be!  Elder Ostland and I read it with her and tried to make it really fun for her.  Towards the end she really seemed to enjoy it and committed to read the scriptures the next day.  We ended the night by visiting a man named Eric.  He has had a really hard past, but has turned to the gospel and is really excited about what is being taught.  Also, during the lesson we showed him this cool mormon message about finding God.  I think he really liked it.  It ended up being a great exchange.

We have lots of opportunities to do service in our area.  This week we were able to help 2 people move and cut down some small trees for a family.  It was hard work and I was sweating like crazy, but it felt good to be serving others!  One of the families we helped move is super nice.  They are a younger couple and were super grateful for our help, they are going to be a good addition to our ward.

This week I had my first flat tire! :) We decided to go to the bike shop and buy a self-sealing tube so I don't have to keep patching it up. :) While I was at the bike shop I also bought a kick stand! It has been a nice addition to my bike:) Oh, and by the way I decided to name my bike Tanto, like the indian on the Lone Ranger TV show. :) We hung up my old tube on the wall, and there it sits as a mission trophy.  

This Friday I had the chance to go on another exchange.  I go on lots of exchanges because my companion is the district leader.  Before we met up to exchange, we decided to go contacting.  We saw this man in his driveway and we decided to go and talk to him.  He ended up being a really nice guy.  He is really interested in Family History, so we set up a meeting this next Wednesday and are going to be teaching him at our Family History Center!  Following that we met up with the other Elders and exchanged.  I went with Elder Argile.  He was a pretty cool dude, he taught me a lot and made me a better missionary.  The coolest part of the exchange was when we were able to give a non-member a blessing.  After the blessing, the man really opened up about his relationship with God.  The next morning we met the other Elders at Dennys.  I got these really yummy peanut butter pancakes! Landon would have loved them:)

This Sunday our investigator Tracy came to church again!  We were very happy she came.  After church was over we asked her if we could set a baptismal date for September 27th and help her work towards that goal.  She said that would be wonderful!  We are excited to continue to teach her. 

Some other cool things happened this week were: I get to baptize an 8 year old girl on Saturday who is part of a less-active family!  We also meet a really cool family who have this goofy acting dog that is really funny to be around.  We also went and visited this crazy man who likes to act out the scriptures in his "2014 version" :)  He also told us that he is going to walk on water like Jesus some day. It was really interesting to talk to him.

Well i'm off to play B-ball, but I hope everyone is doing good in school!  Make sure to take lots of pictures! I love seeing what everyone is up to:)

Love Elder Griffin

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