Monday, September 22, 2014

Nothing better than knowing my boy is working hard, serving others and loving the gospel!

This week has been a great time of growth. I had the opportunity to do a small training at our district meeting. At first I was pretty nervous, but eventually I realized that this would only help me grow and become a better teacher. The training ended up going pretty well and lots of good comments were made. That same day I went on exchange with a wonderful missionary that I really look up to. He taught me so much and really showed me how to be an obedient missionary. On our exchange we went and visited a young boy in his area named Logan. He is nine years old and comes from a less-active family. We started teaching him about the baptismal commitment, and we read with him from Mosiah 18. As we were teaching him we would ask him different questions about what he was reading, he answered every question perfectly. The spirit was very strong. Following the visit with Logan the member we were on exchange with asked us for a blessing. During the blessing elder Peterson called him to repentance and told him he needed to be reading the scriptures more. He then went on to give amazing blessing! He is very in tune with the spirit. He was also a very good cook and made me these really good egg crepes. It gave me some fun ideas for meals this week:)

This week we also found some awesome new potential investigators! One of them is named Erica, and has lots of potential. Another ones name is Rachel. We only had a chance to briefly meet with here, but I could tell that she really is searching for the truth. I'm pretty excited to teach her. The last one was a man named Montreal. We meet him coming up a bike trail. He was super happy and said that it was meant to be that we came into contact with him. We actually brought him to church this week, at church he started going off about how he is struggling with his wife and how he really needs help. Nothing we said made him feel better, but we are going to try him this next week and see what we can do to help him. 

Also this weekend we got to go on some great member exchanges! The first one was with a recently returned missionary. His name is Josh, and he is really awesome. With him we first went and say Tracy. We taught her the third lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ. The lesson went fairly well, but we have been wondering if she is really grasping all of the things we have been teaching her. We had to move her baptismal date back, but I still have hope that everything will work out for her:) During teaching her we had to do it outside because of some remodeling, and we got eating alive by!!:) I'll have to remember to wear some repellent next time. Following Tracy we went and say Cay. Her dog had just had puppies and they were super cute! We didn't get to teach her due to time, but we did leave her with a prayer and committed her to keep reading the Book of Mormon. She also said that her job is starting to do really well, it was so good to see her happy. The second exchange we had was with a young single man named Bro Richey. He is super nice and is getting married this December:) With him we went and contacted a bunch of referrals which was wonderful.  We also contacted a nice man on the street named Wan. We shared a quick message on eternal families and he said we could come back and see him again:) We also stopped by a lady name Ashley Head. She is a recent convert and is super busy. She is involved in a lot of plays and also works atone, so it was a blessing to get to see her. She seemed to be doing great, and it was fun to talk with her and see how she is doing. She said that she is still reading the Book of Mormon which was great to hear! Our last stop of the night was the Vandergriffs. Brother Vandergriff just had shoulder surgery a couple of days ago, but was doing great! There family has been struggling with the bills due to the fact that he is out of work because of his injury and she is pregnant. I worry about them, but know that if they rely on the Lord that everything will turn out alright. They also have this clumsy dog named Hazard that makes me laugh every time we go over there!:) He is super goofy and has so much energy.

This Sunday in sacrament meeting we had a missionary farewell talk by the Elders quorum president's son. It was very powerful and I could tell he is going to be an amazing missionary! We also had the chance this Sunday to go to the missionary President's fireside for investigators and new converts. He did an amazing job and the spirit was strong. He talked a lot about how the gospel is delicious, referring to Lehi's dream. He also boldly testified of all the doctrine that only are church has, it was powerful. I also got to see some of my MTC buddies. It was so fun to see them again!

Well my time is up, but I love you all so very much!!! Hope everyone is happy and healthy! I know this gospel is true and each day I realize more and more how amazing the Book of Mormon is and how it truly does contain the fullness of the gospel! Have a great week!:)


Elder Griffin

I have no pictures this week, but I will try to get some next week:) 

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